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Phaedon Tabac Rouge


Tobacco Vanille. $160 less. You’re welcome.

Beat that, Hemingway!

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16 Responses to “Phaedon Tabac Rouge”

    • Ari

      Thank you, Portia! As a Tobacco Vanille lover, I wanted to share this excellent dupe with everyone!

  1. Jennifer Counts

    I find L’Occitane Eau des Baux really similar to Tobacco Vanille too, maybe a little lighter. It was also only $50 for 100ml last I looked.

    • Ari

      Oh, I’ll have to try that! I think there’s a L’Occitane boutique in Soho. I have to admit I don’t pay as much attention as I should to their perfumes.

    • Ari

      I’m so glad you think so! Maybe I’ll start doing all my reviews this way! Or doge style… “Wow. Such tobacco. Very vanilla. Much clove. Wow.” :D

  2. Gyuri

    Hi Ari, I just discovered your perfume blog recently and I enjoy it very much.

    I don’t really understand the frenzied adoration of Tobacco Vanille, even though I am fond of smoky notes and vanilla, and the price-point is somewhat terrifying. (However, I admit that I really like Noir de Noir and would probably purchase if the price were slashed in half…)

    Have you read this?

  3. Katherine

    I got a sample of this today and it’s incredibly close to TV. Thank you.


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