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Dailies 07/24/14

Daily Fragrance: Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Mokha. My all-time favorite CSP scent. The drydown is a basic, overly sweet vanilla, but the opening is the most realistic freshly-ground-coffee-beans accord I’ve ever smelled in a perfume. It’s discontinued, because of course it is.

Daily Body Product: Dylan’s Candy Bar Chocolate Cupcake Body Cream. Another discontinued beauty. Dangerously close to the smell and texture of Pillsbury chocolate frosting. Someday I will accidentally spread it on cupcakes.

Daily Bobblehead: Marceline The Vampire Queen. I’m visiting my parents in Maryland, where I keep my surprisingly extensive bobblehead collection. Marceline is Adventure Time’s sassiest vampire. I feel like we haven’t had a Marceline episode in forever, you guys.

Please feel free to share your own dailies (and to use your own categories)!

19 Responses to “Dailies 07/24/14”

  1. australianperfumejunkies

    I am LOVING you writing again Arielle,
    Welcome back.
    I wore Amouage Epic body lotion today and spritzed Liberte by Cacharel over it. It was a very interesting blend of sugared, sizzling citrus over that lavish Amouage floriental with the shea butter. MMMMMMM.
    It smelled wonderful to me, I was smiling away and enjoying it immensely.
    Bobble Heards, sadly I own not a one.
    Portia x

    • Ari

      Thank you so much for the encouragement on the dailies, Portia. You have a very robust Amouage body product collection! I am just a little jealous ;)

  2. Katherine

    I’m wearing Tam Dao today. On Nova’s blog they have a post about sandalore (artificial sandalwood) aiding in skin healing. Apparently skin can smell and it loves sandalwood. I have no bobble heads, but I have a PEZ collection.

  3. Kate C

    I’ve been working at Sephora for years and years and still feel sad about the cool stuff they no longer carry like CSP and Dylan’s Candy Bar (and Bourjois Cosmetics).
    Today I am wearing Roja Dove Aoud from my precious minuscule sample because I love wearing ouds in Summer – the heat seems like it is their natural environment.
    Like you my body product was a gourmand: Carol’s Daughter Brown Sugar Scrub. It’s my fave sugar scrub because smells faintly of chocolate too.
    The only thing I collect besides perfume is sea shells and sadly it has been ages since I’ve been to the beach.

    • Ari

      Sephora just started carrying CSP again! But only a few of them, and only in certain locations, I think. Hopefully it’s a sign of good things to come. The Roja Dove Aouds are really spectacular. Have you tried Amber Aoud? That’s my favorite!

      • Kate C

        Oh! I didn’t know CSP was back at Sephora – we don’t have it at my store,t sadly we have shrunk the fragrance section there. This is good news though – I can use my discount to get it!
        And yes I have Amber Aoud and absolutely love it too.

  4. malsnano86

    SOTD: Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger Neroli Blanc EdP. From decant purchased unsniffed. ALAS, I kind of hate it – it does the ugly flat-soapy-bitter thing that orange blossom often does on my skin (unless goes candy-sweet instead). I’d thought that the jasmine and rose in it would keep it from sticking a shiv in me. Nope. Think I’m going to put something else on… maybe Flowerhead again.

    I have been digging my Moringa shower gel from The Body Shop this summer. Lovely stuff.

    Favorite CSP: the late, lamented L’eau du Gouverneur, citrus and spice and musk, ostensibly a masculine but I keep stealing it from The CEO’s dresser.

    • Ari

      Orange blossom is such an unpredictable note. Glad you only got a decant instead of a full bottle!

      I’ve ignored The Body Shop ever since the first time I stepped into a Lush store. Is Maringa new? What’s it like?

      • malsnano86

        I don’t know whether it’s current or d/c – I bought it online… okay, Fragrantica says 2012. Moringa is a white floral with jasmine and honeysuckle (no official notes released by TBS, apparently) – I have only smelled it in the body products but I think there’s an EdT too. The body butter is nice.

  5. Spiker

    I just want to second Portia’s compliment re the Dailies. I’m a longtime lurker (which sounds creepier than I like), first-time commenter, and I do so enjoy your writing. I hope that you’re finding the dailies fun to write, with less pressure than a themed posting.

    My only problem is after reading your postings over the last week I now have a secret longing for a Nintendo 3DS and samples of Sweet Anthem perfumes.

    Have a good visit with your parents.

    • Ari

      I’m so happy you de-lurked, Spiker! Those are both very honorable longings. I hope that you get to try both soon!

  6. poodle

    SOTD some orangy thing I’m going to try to review for APJ.
    I have a bobblehead somewhere of the Hubband’s boss. He was a football player. It’s tucked away though because who really wants a little version of their boss at home.
    DOTD (dog of the day): I went to meet with another kitchen designer at the showroom and their pups were there. They have a poodle mix and a Havanese puppy. OMG they were adorable! Smart too. I got lots of kisses and cuddles.

    • Ari

      Wait, a boss bobblehead is hilarious. I’d never heard of a Havanese puppy before- now that I’ve Google Imaged them, I’ll take three.

  7. Carrie Meredith

    OMG I love Adventure Time! My husband and I watch it together all the time. We’re old-school Adult Swim devotees, but it’s really gone south in the past couple of years. Depressing lack of good stuff.

    • Ari

      I hope that someday I’ll be lucky enough to find a husband that watches Adventure Time with me, too ;)


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