Chanel Chance

We begin our Chanel series with a review of “Chance,” created in 2002 by Jacques Polges. Why are we starting with Chance? You always ask such great questions, my dear readers. Chance is first because it was MY very first fragrance. When I was an extremely awkward and uncool thirteen-year old, Chance was being advertised on every other page of Seventeen magazine. Well, I thought to myself, if Seventeen said that Chance was cool, then maybe, just maybe, it could transform my geeky-ass self into one of the popular girls at my middle school. This was, of course, before Seventeen began to be styled by someone who has quite clearly been on some sort of “trip” since about 2004, and here I am not referring to vacation time.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, Chance did not magically do away with my horrendous too-short haircut or the glasses that covered half of my face. However, I am very happy to report that my thirteen-year old self smelled freaking awesome. Chance is a rather peppery citrus scent, a spicier and more interesting take on the insanely successful Coco Mademoiselle. It’s also warmer, possibly thanks to the “amber of patchouli” note that the Chanel website says is in there (is it amber or is it patchouli? Get it together, Chanel). It was actually quite nice to rediscover this one. I bought it at the ginormous Macy’s on my very first visit to NYC, and so I have always associated it with my beloved Nueva York.

Chance is reputedly the signature scent of the lovely Anne Hathaway, and I think that the vivacious, practically sparkling nature of Chance suits her very well.

It is also apparently the signature of Bridget from The Girls Next Door. I have no comment on this except to say that I much prefer Holly and that Kendra may well have the world’s first negative IQ.

Disclaimer: I have owned several bottles of Chance over the past few years, all from Sephora.

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