Quick Notes- Prada L’Eau Ambree

Despite that stunning black-and-gold bottle, L’Eau Ambree inspires little creativity from me, so this will be a short review. L’Eau Ambree is remarkably similar to Prada’s Infusion d’Iris. This means that it essentially smells like a very expensive brand of baby powder. L’Eau Ambree is not some light, watery thing. It is actually rather heavy, but it does somehow manage to feel fresh despite all that powder. It is on the warmer side of things due to the amber, but I really can only barely detect this traditionally sensual note.

Many women find powdery scents to be very comforting, and I actually do find L’Eau Ambree to be a pleasant smell. It would be very nice to wear in a home full of loved ones on a wintery day. L’Eau Ambree has very little in common with the original, all-out sexy Prada. It is considerably more restrained, which I suppose translates into elegance. L’Eau Ambree would feel right on both a pretty young mother and a more mature, somewhat imposing high society type.

Disclaimer: An SA from Nordstrom made me a sample of L’Eau Ambree.

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