Bvlgari Pour Femme

Bvlgari pour Femme is one of the very few florals in my perfume collection. It was created in 1994 by perfumer Sophia Grojsman, who is famous for her roses. For about a week now, I’ve been in the mood to wear pearls. I’ve been wearing them everywhere- to sleep, to lunch, to frat parties (where they are more than a little out of place). So when I walked into Sephora today, subconsciously I must have been searching for a perfume with that elegant, luminous aura that pearls always project. Bvlgari pour Femme opens with a light, sparkling rose very similar to that found in the lovely, popular-for-a-reason Stella McCartney Stella. At this point, pour Femme is more like a diamond than pearls. But soon an (unlisted) violet note joins in, creating a creamy effect that actually smells like a Lancome lipstick. The drydown is pure rose.

Lancome is my mother’s favorite brand, so I personally ย find this smell to be beautifully evocative. Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose has that same genius violet-rose combination, and I would not hesitate to recommend Bvlgari as a reasonably priced alternative to Lipstick Rose lovers like myself. pour Femme is a bit thinner, but that is to be expected, what with the $50 price difference and all. On that note, pour Femme is available at Sephora, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman. It is White Patchouli-expensive at $65 for one ounce, $92 for 1.7 ounces, and $132 for 3.4 ounces. But trust, y’all, the people in your life will be much, much happier if you choose pour Femme over White Patchouli.

One of the reasons that I own so few florals is that I have difficulty with their lack of sex appeal. Like a string of pearls, pour Femme is more lovely than it is sexy. It is glamorous, but in a wholesome way. Bvlgari pour Femme is the kind of perfume that could class up even the notoriously tawdry Kate Moss.

Well, almost.

7 thoughts on “Bvlgari Pour Femme

  1. God, I haven’t worn this in ages. It is very lady like, isn’t it? I get a lot of compliments when I wear this.

    Anyhooo, it’s available as a tester for $28.50 at Perfume Depot – the EdP 3.4.

    I’m not affiliated in any way… so here’s a really long link:

    I personally love the travel sprays, and they’re usually available as GWPs although you can also purchase them for around $20 at Sephora.

  2. Bvlgari pour Femme is a favourite to wear when I’m not trying to make a statement. If I’m just lounging around the condo on a snow day and sipping tea I’ll spray it on. It’s hardly my typical fragrance, but I do enjoy it. I prefer Rose Essentielle over it, though, mainly because it makes me think of Jean Harlow in a negligee and feather mules seated at her vanity liberally applying perfumed powder to her bosom. Rose Essentielle is also the fragrance I wear with pearls.

    1. I forgot to mention- I will have to try the Rose Essentielle now. I am also thinking about Stella, since I liked the Stella-like beginning of pour Femme so much.

  3. Amy, that’s ridiculously cheap!!!! You have such a knack for bargains ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately pour Femme is getting more “old lady” comments than compliments around here. My poor roommate is dealing with the ultimate “old lady” smell right now- I brought home samples of all of the classic Diors, Mitsouko, and L’Heure Bleue, and they all leaked!

    K, how could you not love a fragrance that produces such a beautiful image?? I get very sad when I think about how femininity appears to be becoming obsolete. I know very few girls who I would describe as ladylike or glamorous. Now you must tell me what you thought of the Lolita Lempicka! If you liked it, you have to try the Caron that I reviewed today- it’s so gorgeous.

    1. I actually have not worn LL yet. I just bought a bottle on Amazon while snowed in because I was kind of craving the idea of cherry pastries but alas it is currently still in transit due to the fact that the mail stopped running down here for several days.

      I did make it to Sephora on Thursday and sprayed some onto a tester strip and after the initial burst of sweetness fades it’s quite lovely.

      I had to have the bottle, so I just bought it instead of risking loving it from a sample and having to pay twice as much for it in Sephora.

      It received your praise, so I figure that’s good enough for me. I will definitely let you know what I think once I receive the bottle.

      I think you’ll enjoy Rose Essentielle. It’s very much something that makes me think of Jean Harlow or a 1930’s circa powder room filled with charming bottles of perfume and large pink powder puffs. I think it’s partially the fact that the smell reminds me of my very glamourous grandmother’s bedroom with all her cosmetics and antique jewelry and bottles of classic perfumes.

      1. I am so honored and humbled that you bought it based on my recommendation. I hope that you love it!! And my mail all a week late because of snowmaggedon, too. I have been waiting for my Berger cookie pie (from this awesome retro-style pie shop) for far too long ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. how strange… florals to me are the only sexy perfumes :)) this is so funny, how differently could people perceive things ๐Ÿ™‚ I like chypres, yes, I do love them ( Y by YSL being the ultimate delicate and classy one) but I wear them for myself and never for a man ( I guess it would scare them and make them run). I use it at the office, when I have to speek in from of my students and when I meet lots of people etc. I also like orientals ( Samsara ) but only if they are droused in jasmine or gardenia. Bulgari is nice but not strong enough ,classical,but a bit too common. A bit bourgeois. The flawless one ( and strangely the only one I stronlgy like and haven’t bought so far) is Flower By Kenzo. I guess it will be my birthday main purchase ๐Ÿ™‚

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