Bond No 9 High Line

High Line is housed in the single most attractive perfume bottle that I have ever seen. Unfortunately, the contents of that perfume bottle are considerably less attractive. The official notes, from the Bond No 9 website, are: bergamot, purple love grass, indian rhubarb, red leaf rose, orange flower water, tulips, grape hyacinth, sea moss, teakwood, bur oak, and musk.

High Line is an astonishingly synthetic smelling and frankly unpleasant aquatic/ozonic floral. It smells like a robot’s idea of flowers. I keep thinking that this must be some kind of joke. If I encountered this smell at a department store or Sephora, I would sputter in indignation and make a note to avoid it in the future. Instead, Bond No 9 expects us to pay $145 for 50 ml and $220 for 100 ml? I see.

Bond No 9 High Line can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue, Harrods, and Bond No 9 boutiques. It is available for $145 for 50 ml and $220 for 100 ml.

Disclaimer: I asked for a sample of High Line from an SA at the Chevy Chase Saks.

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