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Coach, which until about a week ago was only available in Coach boutiques, has suddenly sprung up in department stores and Sephora. However, the good people at Coach have created an incentive for you to continue buying their fragrance at their stores- the new bottles are HIDEOUS. The regular Coach bottle is very classy, reminiscent of a wider Chanel bottle, with a tiny Coach charm in the shape of the hangtags that featured on many of their bags. For the Sephora/department store bottles, Coach decided that instead of a physical hangtag charm, they would just have an picture of the hangtag on the bottle. It’s really, really dumb, not to mention tacky.

I will now attempt to put my bottle sniping aside and discuss the actual scent. I was inspired to try it by a review by MUA user GlamDiva, who wrote, “I was shocked at the similarity of Coach to my vintage [Lanvin] My Sin.” My Sin received extravagant praise from The Bombshell Manual of Style, which declared it “The Perfume of Venus”. (If you’ve tried it, dear readers, I would love to hear your thoughts!)

Coach perfume is certainly not the perfume of Venus, and although I have never smelled My Sin, I doubt that Coach really resembles this legendary aldehydic powerhouse. It is, however, a perfectly pleasant fragrance. Now Smell This lists its official notes of as: green mandarin, guava, violet petals, water lily, genet flower, honey, orange flower, mimosa, jasmine, sandalwood, amber wood and vanilla.

To my nose, Coach is mostly watery lily- similar to aquatic treatment that gardenia got in the original Marc Jacobs, but nowhere near as sweet. Coach is in no way sexy or sensual, but it is rather pretty in an elegant (some might say boring) way. I would recommend Coach to someone who is looking to present a classy image but doesn’t care for the aldehydes of Chanel.

Coach can be found in Coach boutiques, Sephora, Nordstrom and Macy’s (I’m not sure about Bloomingdales). It is available for $45 for a 0.27 ounce purse spray and $75 for 1.7 ounce.

Disclaimer: I bought a purse spray from the Coach boutique.

9 thoughts on “Coach Perfume

    1. Hmmm, according to Basenotes Coach and Kelly Caleche both came out in 2007. Perhaps Hermes beat them to the punch?
      And if one wears Chanel, I believe one already has classiness down pat πŸ™‚

      1. Actually got a rare chance to go sniffing last night, so I got my nose on a scent strip of Coach. I’ve already forgotten what it smells like… perfectly pleasant and exactly like a thousand things I already own, probably. Cuir de Lancome kicked its wimpy little butt into next week, anyway.

        Didn’t notice the bottle, BTW – too busy talking to the clueless but very nice SA. Also smelled the new Liz Taylor Violet Eyes thing… Idiotic bottle, it looks like it would hold hair mousse or something. They could have done the Passion bottle in a mauve color for this, that would have been great. Instead? mousse. Bleah. Fragrance was perfectly nice, too – but for some mystifying reason, THERE’S NO VIOLET in it. WTH?

  1. I was at a Sephoras this past weekend and was curious as to what the Coach fragrance smelled like. After sniffing it on paper,i was anxious to see what it would be like on me. After about an hour of walking around,the scent reminded me of Romance,by Ralph Lauren.):

    1. Awww, what a disappointment! Yes, Coach is certainly not very original, but I do find it pretty. Thank you for reading! πŸ™‚

  2. I like the Coach Signature fragrance with the genet. The other two, Coach Poppy (which now has a flanker I do believe) and Coach Legacy are totally blah.

    Coach Signature’s main note to my nose is the genet or broom flower. It’s a very modern (fresh) white floral. I like it quite a bit. The genet note is an IFF molecule I believe and the Estee Lauder limited edition perfume Wild Elixir had it too. In fact Wild Elixir and Coach Signature were basically dupes to my nose. I actually bought the Wild Elixir when Estee Lauder was in gift at Macy’s, because I am an Estee Lauder ho.

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