Miss Dior Cherie L’Eau

Mother Nature, who apparently feels pretty bad about that whole Snowmaggedon thing, has decided to bless Maryland with absolutely fabulous weather. It’s 70 degrees, the sun is shining, and that most glorious of flowers, the purple crocus, heralds the approach of spring. Finally I have the opportunity to break out Miss Dior Cherie L’Eau, a recent flanker for the uber-popular Miss Dior Cherie. For some of us (me me me me me), the original Miss Dior Cherie was akin to a screaming toddler whose face is covered in ice cream- a gooey, overly sweet mess. These folks will be pleased to know that MDC L’Eau bears absolutely no resemblance to its predecessor (or to Miss Dior, but I was pretty sure that went without saying).

The official list of notes provided by Sephora claims that MDC L’Eau contains strawberry leaves, pink jasmine, caramelized popcorn, strawberry sorbet, and patchouli. This is rather bizarre, considering that MDC L’Eau does not smell like any of these things. MDC L’Eau opens with a citrusy top note and segues into a very delicate gardenia note, which then mingles with a light musk. MDC L’Eau can be thought of as a more feminine take on the traditional cologne. It has a refreshing quality that reminds me of my favorite flavor of gatorade, the light blue Glacier Freeze. There’s something very Easter-y about MDC L’Eau. It’s as if the perfumer created it using pastel colors, as opposed to the neon pink of original MDC.

Now, a word about cost, which is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. MDC L’Eau is available at Sephora in only one size, 3.4 ounces, for $82. Trust me, you’re gonna need that larger size, because MDC L’Eau has no lasting power whatsoever. Earth to Dior: those Marc Jacobs splashes have similarly poor lasting power, but they come in TEN ounce bottles for $68. Because I find the price outrageous, it is unlikely that I would ever purchase this. I will just have to sigh over what a truly pretty fragrance this is.

Disclaimer: I have sampled MDC L’Eau many times at Sephora.

7 thoughts on “Miss Dior Cherie L’Eau

    1. It’s soooo beautiful! I never imagined it would get so warm so fast… I’m used to waiting till April for anything resembling nice weather!

    1. Stef, I’m surprised! I think I remember that you were pretty neutral on Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, and to me they smell almost exactly alike. I’m glad you love it!

      1. I’ve heard a few people say that but on my skin Miss Dior Cherie is much closer to VR Flowerbomb, very heavy and heady. Must be my skin 🙂

  1. I happen to think that Miss Dior Cherie is one of the worst things I’ve ever smelled… EVER. Not a scrubber, mind, because I would never, ever, ever put it on my skin in the first dang place. I have a low patchouli tolerance anyway, so adding a very sour patch note to a sugary strawberry is just instant nausea, IMHO. (Srsly, MDC smells like Coco Mlle to you?? Huh. My sister wears CM, and while it’s unpleasant on me, it smells truly wonderful on her.)

    I hear, though, that MDC l’eau is really nice and significantly different from MDC. Still haven’t smelled it, since the Belk only has MDC… Helg at Perfume Shrine has a nice post on it. (Unless it was Denyse at Grain de Musc… think it was PS, though.)

  2. I’m continuing this discussion over here, haha:

    I went to Tyson’s Friday and found that the Saks there now has the By Kilian line which is nice if you haven’t tried, I had to sniff the new Ouds. Also I HAD to try Amouage – Epic at Art with flowers, which I also loved (again rose with oud. Much better than the Kilian I thought. I usually love kilian, I have decants of most of that line but the ouds I was not as impressed with. Montale is more my style.)

    I didn’t know about blue mercury in Bethesda but I have tried all of the Serges except for a few of the non exports….need to sniff Tubereuse Criminelle and Encens et Lavande.

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