Bath and Body Works White Tea and Ginger

Why are you still at this computer?? Get thyself to the Bath and Body Works Yellow Sale! There you’ll find the Signature Classics (some of BBW’s best scents, which were bizarrely discontinued) on sale for $5. Yesterday I finally found a bottle of White Tea and Ginger body splash, which is always (understandably) sold out by the time I get myself over to BBW. A few years ago (right around the time it was discontinued), a very generous friend gifted me with the WT&G bubble bath. I’ve been obsessed with the fantastic combination of lemon and earl grey notes ever since.

Bath and Body Works lists the notes as: Yuzu, Lemon, Green Tea, Bergamot, Geranium, Nutmeg, Rose, Earl Grey Tea, Musk, Woods, Berries. Bergamot lends its usual citrusy charm, and the lemon note keeps everything bright and cheerful. While it might be a bit happy-go-lucky, White Tea and Ginger is far more sophisticated than BBW’s current, fruitier offerings. This might just be my personal association due to the bubble bath, but I also find it to be a very comforting scent. I fully recommend hitting up BBW and stocking up.

Will you be seeking out any of the Classics? Night Blooming Jasmine and Strawberry Lemonade both look mighty intriguing to me.

Disclaimer: I purchased a bottle of White Tea and Ginger from Bath and Body Works. White Tea and Ginger can be found on the Bath and Body Works website and in stores.

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