Estee Lauder Azuree Soleil

Thank you for your excellent suggestions for florals/citruses, brilliant readers! It turns out I do actually own at least one proper floral (Bath and Body Works splashes don’t count): a long-neglected bottle of Azuree Soleil Eau Fraiche Skinscent. The Azuree Soleil craze, headed by the once-great Beauty Addict, swept the fragrance world in 2006. Everyone wanted to get their hands on what was reputed to be the-beach-in-a-bottle.

So does AS live up to the massive hype? Well, I personally am delighted to rediscover it. Azuree Soleil is a joyful blend of gardenia and coconut notes. It is indeed beach-y, though it lacks the sunscreen note that many beach-y scents utilize. Azuree Soleil captures the idea of the beach beautifully- the glint of sunlight off crystal blue waters, blindingly white sand. The often dirtier and less pleasant reality is nowhere to be found. In other words, AS is more Bermuda than Ocean City. (If you’re dying to smell like Ocean City, which… why?, consider Bond No 9 Coney Island.)

Ocean City: Eau de shitty $6 funnel cake.

Sadly, Azuree Soleil is currently discontinued. If this news plunges you into the deepest depths of despair, take heart: Estee Lauder, in its wisdom, now offers “Bronze Goddess” as a seasonal release. I’ve never tried BG, but it is by all accounts extremely similar to AS. It’s also $32, y’all. The proud Estee Lauder tradition of great fragrances for great prices is a beautiful thing.

Disclaimer: I purchased a bottle of Azuree Soleil way back when. It is going for $140 on Amazon, eek!

4 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Azuree Soleil

  1. Bronze Goddess is actually pretty nice… eventually it develops the Dreaded Lauder Accord, rendering it unwearable for me, but before that pops up, it’s great. Have never smelled the original Azuree Soleil, but at least a couple of people who have say that BG is pret-ty darn close.

    1. What is the Dreaded Lauder Accord, Mals? I’ve heard that Bronze Goddess is a little warmer than AS. Maybe you’d like AS better?

      1. AS? Eh.

        The Lauder Accord is what I call whatever the toothpicks it is in every single dang EL scent I’ve ever tried that makes me want to toss my cookies. Really. Seriously, it makes me nauseous. It’s in Beyond Paradise, Knowing, BG, the heeeeeeeedious Youth Dew, even Pleasures and White Linen (which IMO should have been called Mildewed Laundry).

        No, I lied. Well, I exaggerated. The Lauder Accord is not present in Pure White Linen Light Breeze, which seems not to have basenotes anyway. PCTuberose Gardenia was gorgeous – and I didn’t notice the Dreaded Lauder Accord the first two times I wore it, but eventually it showed up and made me feel quite seasick. I hate the DLA. I hate it hate it hate it, and even though two of my aunts wear EL scents beautifully (one in Beyond Paradise, and one in Knowing), I have yet to find one that doesn’t mess with my stomach.

    2. That’s freaking tragic! I guess that’s the tradeoff for very inexpensive prices- there must be some cheap molecule in the base that reacts badly for you. I am sorry! 😦

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