Chocolate Perfumes

I was watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the other day (the original, not the new one- although the new one is not without merits, I haven’t been able to watch it since MJ died *sniffle*) and it got me to thinking about perfumes with chocolate notes. So today, we’re gonna have ourselves a perfume contest the likes of which have not been seen since the Spears-Timberlake dance-off of ’02.Ā I currently have, on various parts of my body, three different chocolatey perfumes: Vera Wang Princess, Bond No 9 So New York, and (god help me) Thierry Mugler Angel. I do it for you, dear readers. I do it for you.

Princess: Vera Wang claims that Princess contains a “dark chocolate” note. I hate to be contrary, but this is more like the Eminem of chocolate notes. The chocolate in Princess is white, and extremely sugary.

So New York: The chocolate in SNY is supposedly a “cocoa powder” accord. It comes across as high-quality milk chocolate, accompanied by a tart plum note.


Ten minutes later…

Princess: Eminem has exited the building. There is no longer any chocolate in this scent whatsoever. All that remains is a very thin, very sweet lily-ish floral.

So New York: The chocolate’s still here, but it’s moved to the background. A more generic, albeit pleasant, fruity melange takes center stage at this point.

Angel: There’s definitely chocolate in here, but it’s hard to detect beneath A BUTTLOAD of patchouli. Oh my God please get it off my skin.

One hour later…

Princess: This is the most synthetic lily I’ve ever smelled. It’s barely identifiable. Needless to say, the chocolate is long gone.

So New York: Not much chocolate left here, either. Just that enjoyably tart plum note.

Angel: *Whimper*

Of the three, So New York is the clear winner for me- it is both the most pleasant and most chocolatey. What are your favorite perfumes with chocolate notes, dear readers?

13 thoughts on “Chocolate Perfumes


    There. Got that off my chest. A coupla other scents that have chocolate or cocoa notes:
    a) the (otherwise very interesting, yet sadly discontinued) Fendi Theorema – orange, spice, chocolate
    b) the Virtual-Reality Valentine’s Day My Date Tripped and Smashed the Roses into the Chocolate-covered Strawberries Frag, 100% Love – chocoberry rosechouli, gah getitoffme!
    c) Missoni – LT can call it genius all he wants, I call it a crash collision between Russell Stover and Coty’s Cheap Drugstore Crap
    d) B&BW Chocolate Amber, hideous stomachache in a bottle

    and a few more I haven’t tried, because I am Avoiding Them at All Costs:
    a) SJP Covet – chocolate fougere, I hear
    b) Avril Lavigne Black Star – I like Avril, but puhlease
    c) SL 1834 Borneo – patchouli AND chocolate? sounds like my personal nightmare

    I should rant more often. Seems like I’ve got a lot of tension built up…

    1. How’s that ranting going for ya, dear? šŸ™‚ Rants are always welcome and encouraged here. And thank you for such a comprehensive list!

      Quite a few of Luca’s “masterpieces” mystify me, and Missoni is definitely one of them. I don’t find it to have any structure at all, just a mishmash of lots of stuff. I should have reviewed it, though! I know I have a sample around here somewhere…

      Please never try Fresh Cannabis Santal. I’m pretty sure the patch/chocolate in there would traumatize you for life.

  2. Hi Ari! So great to find your blog!

    Had to comment on chocolate as I am ashamedly an Angel fan. Yes, I admit it. But I have a good excuse. In 1993 I traveled to Paris for the first time, and conveniently brought a sample spray vial of Angel with me that I had received from a department store with another purchase. So…while I was in Paris, I wore Angel. And now, whenever I wear it…ta da! It reminds me of Paris!!! Mind you, I am aware of its detractors, and I’m greatly aware of its monstrous sillage. So I usually only wear it in the privacy of my own home (or occasionally for a trip to the eye doctor’s – ha!).

    As to other chocolate scents, I have bottles of Chocolovers, Missoni (trashed by Mals above šŸ˜‰ – hi Mals!), and 100% Love. None really say “chocolate” to me. I do, however, have a bottle of Possets Haute Love perfume oil, and if you want brownies-in-a-bottle, this is it.

    1. It’s wonderful to have you, Karin! šŸ™‚

      I think Angel has that strange quality the French call “pretty ugly” (except, you know, in French). You don’t know whether to be attracted or repulsed. No shame in loving Angel!

      Brownies-in-a-bottle??? OH HAI WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE. And it’s only $10! Do you notice the ginger much?

  3. The original Missoni is a wonderful chocolate scent (to disagree with first commentor) it’s a wonderfully warm scent with a mixture of fruits, florals and chocolate – it can be a little OTT for some but I think it’s strikingly unique

    1. Stef, Mals, there’s only one way to reconcile your conflicting opinions.


      I’m glad you like the Missoni! Luca Turin agrees with you šŸ™‚

    2. Hi Stef! I have a bottle of Missoni. Very interesting scent. I like it, though the chocolate isn’t prominent to me. I get much more fruit from it, but I definitely detect that chocolate note…

      1. Well, I suppose you could call it a “wonderful chocolate scent” if you like chocolate scents. Clearly, I don’t.

        But to each her own. I like aldehydes. šŸ™‚

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