Marc Jacobs Rain

Marc Jacobs Rain was among the three original Marc Jacobs splashes released in 2006. It also happens to be the only one of the three (the others being Grass and Cotton) that has survived to today. The official notes for Rain, according to FragranceX, are: wet cut grass, wild strawberry, clementine zest, cypress, tropical rain accord, passion flower, sunshine flower, white orchid, amber, musk, tree moss and teak wood.

These notes, by the way, are laughable. There’s nothing even vaguely resembling strawberry, clementine zest, amber, or musk in here. Rain is a refreshing, vaguely synthetic aquatic. There’s a cucumber note somewhere in here, perhaps to suggest a spa feel. After 10-15 minutes, Rain begins to smell generically (but pleasantly!) floral.

A former roommate of mine, a glamorous fashion student who survived Hurricane Katrina, used to wear Rain. It was so lovely on her, almost poignant. On me, Rain smells inescapably of hairspray. Rain is not my favorite of the MJ splashes (that honor goes to Gardenia), but it is one of the nicest aquatics out there. The pricing ($68 for 10 ounces) is also extremely reasonable.

Disclaimer: I have a sample of Rain from Sephora. Rain can still be found at Sephora, although it is no longer listed on their website.

7 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs Rain

  1. Hey! I just spritzed on MJ’s Cucumber. Couldn’t think of spraying anything else as it’s extremely HOT and HUMID right now! Refreshing, light, and yes, a bit generic, but perfect for this kind of weather. Haven’t tried Rain or Gardenia…

    1. Good morning Karin! Cucumber sounds perfect for a hot day. I’ve never tried it myself, but I remember Beauty Addict once wrote that it got her out of a ticket! I would kill to try MJ Violet- unfortunately it was long gone by the time I became interested in perfume.

    1. That was so thoughtful of you, Karin! Thank you so much!! Stupid question, but I’m an Amazon virgin- is Amazon like ebay, where everything is sold by individual sellers?

  2. Most purchases are directly through Amazon (as is the link I sent), but if you click the link below the green lettering that says, “10 new” from $36.49, you’ll see that there are other Amazon “partners” also selling the fragrance. I usually purchase directly from Amazon if I can; otherwise, I select a company I’m familiar with (in this case, FragranceNet is a company I know, so if they were selling it for less than Amazon’s price, I might purchase from them instead). Also, note shipping costs. Some companies offer free shipping. Amazon offers free shipping above a certain amount.

    BTW – I LOVE Amazon – buy most of my books through them, as well as perfume. 🙂

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