Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose

“If you’re going to be a star, you have to look like a star. I never go outside unless I look like Joan Crawford the movie star. If you want to see the girl next door, go next door.” Joan Crawford

Glamour is a particularly aesthetically pleasing form of self-love. A glamorous woman, as Crawford opined, considers herself to be a star and dresses the part. Glamour demands the self-confidence to create a style that says something personal about you, something deeper than “I work in an office” or “I’m getting some tonight”, and to know that others are going to like what you have to say.

The best part about glamour is that it is completely egalitarian. It does not require money (money can actually be detrimental to the creativity that glamour requires) or beauty. Was Crawford beautiful? Not exactly, and certainly not compared to her rival, Bette Davis. But she was glamorous as all hell.

Lipstick, with its sensual feel, its delicate rose scent, has become synonymous with old-school glamour. Frederic Malle’s Lipstick Rose evokes that sense of glamming yourself up in front of the vanity mirror. Lipstick Rose opens with a huge blast of aldehydes, in a nod to aldehyde-heavy retro classics like Chanel No 5. These aldehydes smell strangely like candle wax (but in a good way). The real star of the show, however, is a gorgeous blend of rose and violet notes that really does smell like a Lancome lipstick.

Lipstick Rose is relatively sweet, and comes on strong. Some will be turned off by its boldness. Others, like myself, will adore its cheerful flamboyance. As far as I’m concerned, Lipstick Rose is the last word in glamorous perfumes.

Disclaimer: I asked for a sample of Lipstick Rose from the Frederic Malle boutique.

6 thoughts on “Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose

  1. I don’t know why I’ve never tried this perfume. I adore the smell of Lancome lipstick — it was one of my first ‘real’ lipsticks and so it makes me a little nostalgic for the summer of 1999. I really need to try this because I keep hearing about how lovely it is.

    And yes, the funny thing about glamour is you don’t have to be particularly beautiful or well-off. I’ve seen too many women at Tyson’s Galleria decked out in Chanel & Prada with bad tans & status bags and yet they have no glamour about them at all.

    Many glamourous starlets were not classically pretty. Jean Harlow always comes to mind because in my opinion for all the glamour she was not very beautiful. Interesting, surely, glamourous, most definitely but never quite what I would consider ‘pretty’. Then again, I’ve always said that I have never desired to be the prettiest girl in the room, but I’d like to think that I’m one of the more interesting. And anyway, beauty is such an undefinable thing but glamour is kind of timeless.

    1. You will LOVE it. Love it, love it, love it. And you’re exactly right- one can’t look 20 forever, but I’ve seen plenty of ultra-glamorous grandmas. I wish I could be as confident about you regarding the prettiest girl vs. the most interesting. It’s been my experience that the interesting girls become somewhat irrelevant around the prettier girls.

      1. Quite true. My grandmother was the quintessential 1950’s beauty. Shoulder length curled strawberry blonde hair, porcelain skin and a brilliant smile. Sadly her existence has always been a rather unhappy one, a failed marriage and a lifetime of missed opportunities, however she is also perhaps the most glamourous lady I’ve ever known. At 74 she’s still striking and is the one I attribute my own love for glamour to.

  2. Glamor… sigh… unattainable for many of us. And then there are those of us who don’t even attempt glamor. (I plead guilty. I’m generally going for “clean” and “appropriately dressed.”) Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it when I see it.

    Lipstick Rose, I must say, annoyed me. I bought a sample from TPC, since I love both rose and violet, but my thoughts upon smelling it were, “Wow, it sure does smell like fancy lipstick! Ha ha, very cute, very whimsical… NOW GIMME MY MONEY BACK.” I think if it were a mainstream release, I’d have liked it more, but I don’t wanna pay Malle prices for it.

    Curmudgeonly yours,

    1. Hey now! Farm life seems incredibly glamorous to us city slickers! I can see how the novelty effect of LR could get old. But you’ve gotta admit, better than Broadway Nite, right??

  3. I’ve been wanting to tryt his for so long – I adore rose and love that ‘cosmetics’ smell that I get from Lancome lipsticks. I’ll definitely be hunting it down

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