Ralph Lauren Notorious

Notorious, a movie about rapper Notorious BIG, was incredibly, comically bad. Awful dialogue (here’s a good one: “We can’t change the word until we change ourselves”), made worse by attempts to incorporate actual song lyrics into the dialogue.

Ralph Lauren Notorious, unfortunately, is the kind of bad that bores rather than amuses. Notorious is a straight-up copy of Vera Wang Princess. It opens with a “chocolate cosmos” topnote, followed by truly indistinguishable florals. This is pretty much the opposite of what a truly notorious woman would wear.

4 thoughts on “Ralph Lauren Notorious

    1. The sign of a good PR department! 🙂 I don’t think Notorious did particularly well, it seems to be gone from stores despite having only been released in 2008.

  1. I think I’m one of the few who actually likes Notorious. It’s my fall/winter wallpaper scent when I have to go into the office (I work from home otherwise, and wear whatever I feel like – as in, many non-office-friendly scents!). I don’t find it as sweet as Princess, but unlike Princess, it’s not a popular scent. I received a bottle directly from Ralph Lauren when they offered free bottles through NST. At first, I didn’t care for it either, but it grew on me!

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