Donna Karan Gold

Pity poor Donna Karan. Much like Marilyn Monroe’s desire to be a serious actress was quashed by the public demand for more dumb blonde roles, Donna Karan’s apparent desire to create interesting, unconventional scents has been supressed by the public demand for no-brainers like Cashmere Mist and Be Delicious. Despite its gorgeous bottle, Gold lasted for all of a year before being discontinued.

Gold is not a straight lily, like Dior Diorissimo is/was. Instead, Gold pairs a strange smokiness with its creamy lily note. In Perfumes The Guide, Tania Sanchez identifies that smokiness as “the smoky, brined scent of Easter Ham”. Unfortunately, being a Jew who has never tried ham, I can neither confirm nor deny the accuracy of this statement. I will, however, express my disappointment that Gold was taken off the market. Most lily fragrances are rather virginal affairs, but Gold’s smokiness gave it a more worldly vibe. Alas, Gold was not long for this world, although I frequently see it at TJ Maxx these days.

20 thoughts on “Donna Karan Gold

  1. That bottle is really lovely. I may have to give this a sniff if I can find a bottle online — places like TJ Maxx overwhelm me, so I tend to avoid them which is really tragic because there’s a Filene’s down the street from my office.

    1. I can’t deal with messy, disorganized stores. Filene’s tends to not have the best selection, anyway, reformulated Rochas Femme is the most exciting item I’ve ever found there.

      1. Yeah, I like everything organized when I go shopping mainly because I really can’t standing shopping, I do like buying things though.

        And … I just bid on a bottle of this stuff on eBay. I’ll let you know about the ham.

        I can never pass up a perfume bargain, and I’m interested in what this worldly lily smells like. While I love lilies, the virginal, delicateness of most lily fragrances just doesn’t really suit a bold classic perfume kind of girl like me.

      2. Please do let me know! I am bacon’s biggest fan, but for some reason can’t bring myself to eat ham. It seems too sacrilegious.

      3. Bacon is far superior. I’m not a huge fan of pork, personally, but I could probably subside off bacon alone.

        Honestly, you’re really not missing much when it comes to ham. It’s … kind of weird in my opinion and tough and sometimes gets these weird clots in it and ick! I’m also sometimes like a 4 year old when it comes to food. If it looks weird — and not in the exotic weird kind of way because I do love international cuisine — I won’t touch it.

        In any case, I am much anticipating my bottle. Got it for $5 plus shipping which makes this the most inexpensive perfume purchase ever. Feels good.

        Hoping to have it by the weekend. Thanks for yet another suggestion. You’ve inspired quite a few of my unsniffed purchases so I’m trusting you here. If by some off chance I hate it, it cost about as much as a venti soy latte and I’ll just ship it up your way so it goes to a good home. Lol.

      4. Ewwwww! Thank you, I now feel much better about never having tried it, lol. I hope you love the Gold, that’s an amazing price! How did you like your ebay Shalimar, by the way?

      5. I am actually wearing it today. I layer the extrait with the EdT. In retrospect, I got it for a bargain on eBay. I just checked and a bottle of comparable age was going for 2.5 times as much as what I paid.

        There’s something about vintage Shalimar that I absolutely crave, though. Last night before going to bed I passed my perfume collection & stopped to dab on a bit of the extrait. I know it was supposed to be this sexy femme fatale fragrance but for me it’s just classic and comforting. Chanel No. 5 is very similar in that way, as well.

        It was well worth the purchase.

  2. DK Gold … I think I’ll wear some today.

    For virginal lily, I wear Anais Anais (and not often), but for an adult lily it’s Gold. Smokey ham note? Well, ham is my favorite animal to consume, and I don’t detect even a whiff of ol’ Charlotte here.

    My 30mL bottle set me back an astounding $4.00 on eBay.

    I was tempted to snatch up several bottles (it smells so good!), but finally decided that I’d direct my obsessive stockpiling habits towards other beauties.

    1. What an incredible deal!!! But I have to say that this comment gave me nightmarish flashbacks to Charlotte’s Web, which inexplicably terrified me as a kid. So thanks a lot. 😛

  3. I really love this scent. It’s a go-to favorite. I don’t know if I’d say it smells like ham, per se, but I do think it has a kind of sweet-&-savory effect, like salted caramel. But then, I guess that’s typical of amber fragrances.

  4. I don’t get ham out of Gold either. But there is something very adult and restrained about this particular lily scent, a salty-raspy, hyper-realistic angle that I like very much.

    I am a southerner born ‘n bred, and have eaten ham all my life. All our big family holiday feasts (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter) include both ham and turkey breast. I think it might even be illegal in several southern states to host a wedding reception without ham biscuits…

    Kidding! (Maybe.)

  5. I just realized that this one is discontinued. Bummer. I like it. I had a few samples to get me by so I didn’t buy it. It’s a great fragrance, floral but smoky. I didn’t pick up the “Honeybaked ham” smell either, being from an interfaith family where ham is a big “no-no” on both sides. Maybe that’s why I am attracted to this fragrance. Scandal?

    1. We won’t tell the fam 🙂 I’ve seen Gold in pretty much every brick-and-mortar discount shop around, so it’s still very possible to stock up. Still can’t understand why they discontinued it in the first place. That Gold is gone while Pure DKNY is allowed to remain is a head-scratcher, for sure.

  6. I’ve seen one bottle of it at either Marshall’s or TJ Maxx, I cannot remember which store. I ordered my bottle on Amazon. I don’t smell ham with this one at all… although I almost never agree with Ms. Sanchez or Luca Turin either for that matter. The lily and balsam are so interesting. I love the bottle too with wood, metal, and glass. It’s more like a niche perfume, and the majority of people cannot appreciate perfume as art. They would rather wear Juicy Couture.

  7. Hello,i´m from portugal and i found your blog when i was tryng to find information and prices of 4 new perfume(still seeled on box) that i need to sell,one of them is this,you are talking about,GOLD,has 50ml and i really am exausted of seeking information and photos and i just found 2 websites,one of them,it´s yours…I really didn´t kney that this perfume was descontinued,can you please help me ,how much do i ask for this perfume of 50ml? i´m going to sell GOLD,and 212 MEN 100ml , and also JONH VARVATOS 100ml and ETERNITY MOMENT 50ml,all of them new.

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