Hermes 24, Faubourg

24, Faubourg, as with most Maurice Roucel creations, is a rich, luxurious fragrance. It centers around an accord of amber and jasmine, giving a honeyed effect that reminds me quite a bit of Ungaro Diva. I was surprised to discover that such a seemingly old-school floral was released in 1995, which would be smack dab in the middle of the trend for light, unobtrusive fragrances. I commend Hermes for not discontinuing it within 6 months; the world would be a little poorer without this glamorous, slightly haughty fragrance. It does seem uniquely suited for the kind of woman I imagine would wear Hermes. 24, Faubourg is probably my favorite of Roucel’s florals.

4 thoughts on “Hermes 24, Faubourg

  1. I’ve got a sample of this I have yet to try… I guess this is a sign that today is the day!

    Hermés has caught my ‘nose’ lately, with Kelly Caleche, such a pretty little leather floral; is 24F pre-JCE?

    1. Wikipedia tells me that it was a good ten years pre-JCE, which would suggest that they were doing much less subtle things before his arrival. Let us know what you think of the sample!

      1. Wow! Yeah, not Jean Claude at all : )

        It’s beautiful: a grande dame luxury floral with killer lasting power. I’ve had it on for over seven hours, and it’s still going strong
        (fortunately I like it… since I put it on right before heading to work).

        The no-makeup and earth-toned outfits that are my signature (non)look aren’t such a good match for 24F, but I’m glad to have a sample around.

        Hey, I might make it to the opera again—right?

      2. Oh, I suppose it’s not the best match for the natural look, but perhaps there could be some fun in that! The joy of the unexpected pairing, or something like that. And “But what will I wear to the opera??” strikes me as an excellent reason to keep a sample around.

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