Bath and Body Works Lemon Vanilla

Thank you for recommending this, Dee!

So here at Johns Hopkins, there’s an area we call “the beach”. Excitable freshmen are often very disappointed to learn that the closest beach is an hour and a half away, and “the beach” is essentially a large plot of grass. It’s sort of like how you can always find a few tourists wandering around D.C. in search of the National Mall. Do not try to explain to these tourists that the Mall is not actually some sort of massive shopping center: they generally will not believe you, and are often offended at your attempted trickery.

“No, really, where’s the mall?”

At the beginning of the school year, the more daring Hopkins students subscribe to a literal understanding of “the beach”, sunbathing and throwing around a frisbee in their bathing suits. Two weeks later and 20 degrees lower, “the beach” is mostly deserted and my daily opportunities to see a shirtless lax bro have decreased dramatically.

To recapture that fast-fading feel of summer, I turn to Lemon Vanilla. This is by far the best of the three limited edition “summer vanillas” released by B&BW this year. Lemon Vanilla smells like frozen lemonade, that summer delight whose natural habitat is the boardwalk of a beach town. I cannot imagine smelling Lemon Vanilla without immediately craving some funnel cake to go with it.

In keeping with its summery nature, Lemon Vanilla is a fleeting pleasure. That sparkling lemon topnote fades fairly quickly, leaving behind a flatter, predominately vanilla scent. At $12.50 for 8 ounces, however, one can easily afford to remain in denial about the changing of seasons long after the leaves have begun to fall.

5 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works Lemon Vanilla

  1. I’m actually quite pleased the weather’s changing. After spending 60% of the summer with 90+ degree weather, fall is a welcome change. Also, I don’t have to feel so awkward bringing out those bold orientals.

    That said, this sounds kind of delightful. I’m drinking lemonade right now, so that’s adding me wanting to smell this. While I tend to avoid B&BW like the plague — too many fragrances melding together for one store — I may have to drop by to give this a sniff.

    1. I’m psyched for the orientals too, but my perfume wardrobe is much better prepared for the fall than my actual wardrobe. I’m freezing!!

      “Too many fragrances melding together for one store” is how I feel about Lush stores. They have so many cool products, but the place is migraine city.

  2. I’m glad you got to try this; it really does inspire the same kind of simple pleasure that an ice-cold lemonade brings on a hot day… provided that hot day is spent at the lake house, and you brought madelaines to snack on!

    1. It was an excellent recommendation, thank you! It helps me to imagine that I’m eating madelaines at a lake house instead of ramen noodles at Hopkins.

  3. I love this stuff! I bought some for the Summer along with the berry vanilla spray. It’s incredibly delicious while being fresh at the same time.

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