Aquolina Pink Sugar

So yesterday I was doing my thing at the gym (and by “doing my thing”, I mean walking leisurely on the treadmill while watching Star Trek) when I was struck with a sudden wave of nausea. This puzzled me, as the only way my workout could be less rigorous would be if I were literally standing still. Eventually I identified the culprit- the girl on the machine next to me was wearing Pink Sugar.

I then realized that for all of my snide remarks about Pink Sugar, I have never actually given it a proper review. In some ways, Pink Sugar strikes me as a reinterpretation of Thierry Mugler’s Angel. Both are over-the-top, is-this-a-joke? gourmands. There is, however, a significant difference between the two. Although occasionally alarming, Angel can smell gorgeous on the right woman. In contrast, I have never once encountered a person that Pink Sugar smelled good on, and I have smelled it on pretty much every female between the ages of 11 and 20.

Pink Sugar’s main offense is an issue of proportions. I was expecting a lot of cotton candy and just a hint of licorice. What you get instead is more licorice than even the most hardcore licorice aficionado could handle. I often sing the praises of Lolita Lempicka, another sweet scent with a licorice note, but I can’t stomach Pink Sugar at all. For me, Pink Sugar evokes the YouTube video “Charlie the Unicorn”. In this video, Charlie goes into Candy Mountain expecting sugary goodness, only to be mugged and have his kidney stolen.

In conclusion, Pink Sugar is an extremely distinctive scent. It is also, to my nose, extremely unpleasant. Please do not buy it for your children. And please, for the love of Joan Collins, do not wear it to the gym.

Do it for Joan, y’all.


13 thoughts on “Aquolina Pink Sugar

  1. Pink Sugar is a rancid little concoction. As I’ve stated before, a friend of mine has an unused bottle of the stuff that someone gifted her in highschool and so it’s become a bit of a running gag between us.

    Why would anyone where it to the gym? I’ll admit that I would usually go to the gym after work still wearing whatever the SOTD might have been, but I’d like to think that Shalimar or Avignon weren’t choking those beside me on the elliptical. Both are pretty bold but neither are sickeningly sweet like Pink Sugar.

    Oh Charlie the Unicorn. I haven’t watched that in years. I know I used to drive friends of mine insane with quoting what we deemed the ‘high unicorns’ while on road trips. We’re going on an adventure, Charrrrrlie.

    1. I don’t understand that video in any way, but I love it so much. A work of genius, as far as I’m concerned.

      Some scents were really not meant to be worn during intense physical activity, and Pink Sugar is apparently one of them. And I’m sure that your SOTD is just fine, it’s not like you’re reapplying it!

      1. The only thing I think I love more — which is equally bizarre — is the George Washington Rap. The internet has provided us with some very strange things.

        And yeah, though I’m of the opinion that Pink Sugar is simply not meant to be worn.

  2. I have never (knowingly) smelled Pink Sugar. It’s kind of like how I’ve never read Nicholas Sparks.
    Does not compute.

    Review made me laugh! Thanks 😉

  3. I always think of Joan when wearing my L’Arte di Gucci… Joan in one of those power suits, with a veiled hat and stiletto heels, ready to bust a cap on whoever is annoying her.

    Have not purposefully smelled Pink Sugar, but I’d bet it’s one of the “melted popsicle” ones my daughter complains about smelling all over the high school. (She likes Mandragore. And Clarins Par Amour. And DK Gold. I’m doing my best here, as the parent of a teen, to avoid sugary crap.)

    1. Your daughter is the best smelling chick at school. I’m sure her popsicle-wearing contemporaries are all jealous of the cool mom who’s hooking her up 🙂

  4. I like “over-the-top, is-this-a-joke?” gourmands. LOL! Here in Brasil, we have 2 famous brand of cosmetics that copied Pink Sugar. Needless to say that is a HUGE success! One of them it´s more spicy (Pink! – contém 1g)and the other one is a more cotton candy version( Egeo – O boticário). Egeo actually was the best selling fragrance for 2 yrs I believe. I have a really sensitive nose, and I can smell it EVERYWHERE I go, so I got sick of it, of course. I walked into an office the other day and I imediatelly smelled “Egeo”, and the person who was wearing it had already left the room, but the fragrance was there, she forgot to take it with her. The other day I asked her if it really was Egeo, she said yes with a typical face of I-dont-like-to-tell-people-what-FAB-perfume-I-wear… Ok like I would want to smell like you dear, I thought. I used to like the fragrance, now I hate it. 3 women in my family LOVE the fragrance Pink! and 1 loves Egeo…. imagine that! Anyway, great review!

    1. Bwahahaha! Clearly your office friend forgot that sometimes we ask what perfume you’re wearing so that we can better avoid it. I’m a bit sad, but not surprised, to hear that Pink Sugar is inescapable the world over. Thank you for reading all the way from Brazil! 🙂

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