Cartier Le Baiser du Dragon

I made the mistake of spraying LBdD right before eating breakfast. After about a minute of sniffing, I found that I no longer had much of an appetite. “Le Baiser du Dragon” translates to “The Kiss of the Dragon”, and it is important to keep in mind that such a kiss would likely be more painful than pleasurable. LBdD is a predominantly patchouli scent with somewhat rancid top notes (I assume that this is caused by the amaretto note). It’s kind of sexy, in an unsettling way, but mostly LBdD just comes off as overwhelming. Too loud, too bold, too much. LBdD could be well-suited to those big nights in a woman’s life when you need a perfume that demands attention. As for me, however, I wish that LBdD would take its shriek of “Look at me!” down a few decibels.


6 thoughts on “Cartier Le Baiser du Dragon

  1. I really, really wanted to like this one – frankly, in part because I love the bottle. 🙂 And because I like the idea of patchouli femme fatale scents. But I failed.

    1. You didn’t fail!!! Cartier failed US! Have you ever tried the original Prada (or the similar Coromandel)? That’s my idea of a patchouli femme fatale scent.

      1. Definitely hunt it down, I found it to be the most immediately likable of the Les Exclusifs. If it’s easier to find the Prada, though, I do think they’re very, very close (sacrilegious as that may be).

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