Nina Ricci Nina

It is not that I want to neglect you, dearest readers. It’s that I am literally out of things to sample. That’s why I’ve resorted to testing my roommate’s perfumes for this review. Nina is the one she wears at night, before traipsing off to various dens of sin (I love you, Lauren!)

Nina is quite literally the sweetest perfume that I have ever smelled. That’s not necessarily a bad thing: many other fruity florals play at sexiness, but Nina’s extreme sweetness forces it to drop these pretensions. This leaves us with a pretty, delicate apple scent, something like a sweeter version of DKNY Be Delicious. Nina is not exactly subtle, but there is something charming about such a youthful fragrance. It’s the perfume equivalent of cotton candy or caramel apples bought at the fair.

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