L’Artisan Premier Figuier

I’ve never really gone for figs; I much prefer their sweeter cousin, the date. However, after the many sugar-drenched perfumes that I’ve reviewed recently, the barely sweet Premier Figuier was a welcome respite. Premier Figuier opens grassy and green, it galbanum topnote enjoyably prickly. This phase lasts for about 20 minutes before giving way to a more agreeable combination of fig and coconut. The coconut does sweeten things up a bit, but Premier Figuier is almost sugar-free compared to the diabetes-inducing scents that are so popular these days.

Premier Figuier was released more than 15 years ago, and it’s fascinating to see just how much subtlety has become devalued over the years. Despite the traditional association of figs with fertility, Premier Figuier is more sophisticated than it is sensual. I can’t imagine it being advertised as a tool of seduction or flirtation. And that, dear readers, is no bad thing.

2 thoughts on “L’Artisan Premier Figuier

  1. I know you were talking about not having anything new to sample. Have you ever gone into Parfums de France at Tyson’s Corner Centre?

    I’d been writing this place off like it was some mainstream perfume koisk or something. It’s a tiny little boutique in the mall that is completely stocked with hard to find, discontinued & niche’ fragrances and the SA — her name is Sammy — is absolutely a doll. I went in yesterday after learning they allegedly carried Amouage. She asked me what I was after and led me straight toward a bottle of Epic Woman. After I made my purchase she also recommended a few other fragrances based on my preference — it was so nice to not have some over bearing SA who was trying to peddle off the latest fragrance. The best part is she knew her fragrances and more over listened to the perfumes I liked.

    She let me test the Clive Christian they had, though sadly No. 1 smelled like WD-40 to me — most expensive perfume and yet I can’t find the appeal.

    They’ve been in business in Tyson’s for the past three decades. I have no idea how I managed to simply write this place off for the past year and a half as some hole in the wall trying to sell me Baby Phat.

    Definitely give it a try if you’re down in the area. She threw in a sample of Amouage Jublilation 25 for free & welcomed me to come back to test any perfumes I wanted in the future — I was wearing Bandit at the time so testing was completely out.

    1. OMG, that place is a treasure. I found the only bottle of Guerlain Meteorites I’ve ever seen (in stores OR online) there. Congrats on your Epic Woman! Unfortunately, the issue is that I am back at school at Hopkins, and while Baltimore is rich in cultural offerings, its perfume scene is mighty scanty. 😦

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