Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue fans, rejoice! Too long has Light Blue been housed in a bottle that resembles a brick made out of plastic. Too long has your beloved scent been confined to a vessel unworthy of its glory.

Too long have you watched my sister. Too long have you haunted her steps.

Giorgio Armani feels your pain, Light Blue fans. That’s why he oh-so-thoughtfully rebottled Light Blue, so that you don’t have to hide that hideous brick in your bathroom cabinet anymore. Either that, or he thought nobody would notice. Acqua di Gioia is an airy aquatic scent, pretty until the drydown, which smells like a fairly harsh cleaning product. Like many such “clean” perfumes today, AdG is actually pretty strong, so don’t go too crazy with this one. I think it unlikely that AdG will dethrone Light Blue, or come particularly close to the success of the original Acqua di Gio, for that matter. The ads suggest that it might do well among the android population. Photoshop be crazy, y’all.


7 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia

  1. I’ll admit to sniffing Light Blue and being rather replused by it, especially when the Sephora SA — this was the one hoarding unwanted unopened bottles of Chanel No. 5 in her closet — said that it was an oriental. Is it marketed as such b/c I certainly doesn’t smell anything like what an oriental in my mind should.

    Also … what is up with that ad? She looks inhuman and not in a good way.

      1. Yeah, that SA had issues. She asked me what I liked and when I told her I preferred orientals she directed me to Light Blue because clean and aquatic is clearly oriental.

      2. If they’re marketed at all these days 😦 They had to get Jade friggin’ Jagger to design a new bottle for Shalimar to get anyone to look at it.

    1. This is one epic SA. If you had told her you like florals, I’m sure that Light Blue would have magically become a floral, too.

      The ad freaks the hell out of me. The best part is that the Armani website claims that Acqua di Gioia is “a hymn to nature in all forms”. All forms except the human form, I guess.

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