Ralph Lauren Romance

I was fully prepared for this to be a… wait for it…. Bad Romance.

See what I did there? Man, I crack me up.

So imagine my surprise upon finding that Ralph Lauren Romance is actually quite pretty, and not even particularly generic. Romance smells like marigolds, ginger, and soap. It has an agreeable sharpness to it, bringing to mind the quick-witted heroines of Jane Austen novels. There’s nothing particularly romantic about Romance; I doubt that it would attract much in the way of male attention. I would be more likely to wear it for myself, on some bitingly cold day in the spring, which is actually a much higher recommendation than “OMG it totally attractz the menz LOLZ kthxbai”.

3 thoughts on “Ralph Lauren Romance

  1. I’ve never tried Romance on my own skin, but have known several people who wore it wonderfully. It’s very nicely done.

    …And welcome back by the way! I think maybe you’ve been spending too much time on your education, and not enough time on perfume. 😉

    1. I was surprised at how nice Romance was! I was expecting something metallic and unpleasant, based on that hideous bottle.

      Thank you for coming back after all this time! School has been all-consuming, but I miss perfume writing too much to abandon it for too long.

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