The Body Shop Vanilla EDT

I’m rather a fan of this odd little vanilla. You can pick it up at your local mall for $17, but it smells just as interesting as a fancypants niche vanilla that costs 10 times the price. TBS Vanilla is a warm, creamy vanilla, with just a touch of burnt caramel and a whole lot of plastic. I don’t know whether the plastic is intentional enough (at these prices, it’s probably safe to assume that the materials may be fairly cheap synthetics), but it totally works. It’s possible to smell jasmine in this on a paper test strip, but any florals that might be in here are lost on my skin. I doubt that I would wear TBS Vanilla out of the house much- it’s not the kind of mouthwateringly gourmand vanilla that boys drool over- but I very much enjoy wearing it when I’m keeping to myself.

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