Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar

Aquolina Pink Sugar may be the official fragrance of middle schools these days, but back when I was a young whippersnapper, our lockers were scented with Warm Vanilla Sugar. Although my middle school days were harrowing in many other ways (you didn’t really expect a four-eyed Star Trek fan to say “I loved middle school!”, did you?), I think that I got the better end of the bargain in terms of the perfume. You see, unlike Pink Sugar, WVS actually smells very nice. In fact, with its vanilla and basmati rice notes, WVS smells almost exactly like Kenzo Amour. Amour wasn’t released until 2006, so it is very clear who was copying whom. WVS is actually a smoother experience than Amour, because it lacks the green floral notes that always make Amour feel “off” to me. Luca Turin writes of Amour, “The irresolution between ‘Eat me’ and ‘Don’t eat me’ is what makes this fragrance great”. Call me unsophisticated, but to me that “irresolution” sometimes makes Amour smell uncomfortably dissonant, not “great”.

In keeping with the “warm” part of its name, WVS is a likable, agreeable scent, so much so that it is actually difficult for me to reconcile its friendliness with the often dreadful girls who wore it. I have very much enjoyed wearing WVS for this review, and fully intend to start saving $50 by buying this instead of Kenzo Amour. I’ll miss the pretty bottle, but I can comfort myself with the humongous range of WVS lotions, body washes, and even bubble baths.


7 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar

  1. I love the bodywash — my best friend used to keep her guest bathroom shower stocked with it — however my association w/ the perfume is with one of my little sister’s friends who doused herself in this stuff. It didn’t mesh well w/ her body chemistry and ended up smelling like a too much deodorant trying to cover up BO. I encouraged my sister to gift her friend something less offensive as I remember my dad literally being run out of our house whenever this girl came to visit and he was living with me & my perfumes so it wasn’t just a common aversion to fragrance. That said, it is a nice fragrance when worn by the right person. My memory of it unfortunately is it being worn in excess by someone who shouldn’t have.

    1. Ewwww. That would be enough to set anyone off of any fragrance. I went through a phase a long time ago where I wore vanilla-scented deodorants. Reading your comment makes me shudder to think what I must have smelled like! Did the friend ever find a new fragrance?

      1. It literally permeated the air in my sister’s bedroom whenever the girl stayed the night. And yes, she moved onto B&BW Japanese Cherry Blossom which … as far as an improvement goes, that might be debatable but at least it worked better with her chemistry.

      2. I haven’t smelled that one in a long time but if I recall it’s not particularly obtrusive. I can definitely see why B&BW is so attractive to young girls (low prices!), but it sounds like the poor thing doesn’t know there is life beyond Bath and Body Works.

  2. I’m the other way around, I prefer Pink Sugar to the BBW. But I’m weird about vanilla scents. I don’t like Tocade for example.

    1. WVS is definitely more generic than Pink Sugar. I admire Pink Sugar’s chutzpah, just can’t stand that damn licorice.

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