Bath and Body Works Rice Flower and Shea

I snapped this baby up for $3 at the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual sale. B&BW has a nasty habit of discontinuing its classic fragrances in favor of its illustrious newer scents. You know, the generically fruity ones with names like Dark Kiss Fresh Berry Twilight Edward Bella Cherry Blossom. Rice Flower and Shea is a creamy, sweet scent without much sugar, if that makes sense. It is sedate rather than sparkling. Rice Flower and Shea does indeed smell something like sweetened shea butter, complete with the plasticky undertones that can sometimes be detected in shea butter. If I had to guess, I would say that Rice Flower and Shea was discontinued because it was rendered superfluous by B&BW Warm Vanilla Sugar. They are very similar to each other (and, suspiciously, to Kenzo Amour), but the perkier Warm Vanilla Sugar is more in line with the current trend for fragrances sugary enough to induce diabetes.

5 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works Rice Flower and Shea

  1. I love the Rice Flower and Shea shower gel but can’t stand the lotion because of the plasticky undertones you write about!! Thanks for the review–I thought the lotion had turned bad and threw it away. Now I guess I get it!!

    1. I think it is an inherent quality of shea butter- 100% pure shea butter smells AWFUL, in my opinion. But I’m glad the shower gel worked out well for you!

  2. I was extremely – EXTREMELY – annoyed to find recently that Orange and Ginger had been discontinued. Grrrrr.

    And I miss the original Freesia, of which Sheer Freesia is indeed a pallid, post-op copy.

    But I admit to rather liking Dark Kiss, which is a lot like Hanae Mori with plum as well as berries. I mean, sure, it’s trashy, but who says there’s no place for that in my life?

    1. Not the girl who Tivos Jersey Shore, that’s for sure!
      I never had the chance to try Orange and Ginger, what was it like? Did you get a chance to stock up?

  3. Yes Bath and BW has a habit of discontinuing items that I love. My favorite is the Rice Flower and Shea. I thought I stocked up enough In June and then would buy again for the Dec sale..but no..they had to discontinue it. There is nothing in that store I want..all they have are those smelly, teenager, foo-foo scents. Shame on you Bath &Body Works for discontinuing the Rice Flower and Shea. I don’t ever need to visit your store again.

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