Prada Candy


The Prada fragrance line is widely considered to be quite strong for a mainstream brand. Prada consistently produces attractive, interesting scents, housed in retro-glamorous bottles. Prada Candy represents a departure from this tradition. Candy is neither attractive nor interesting. Maybe if I hadn’t read several breathless reviews comparing Candy to my beloved Serge Lutens Un Boise Vanille, I wouldn’t be quite so disappointed with it. Allow me to set the record straight: Candy smells nothing like Un Bois Vanille. Instead, it is a dull, heavy vanilla scent with a vaguely unpleasant play-dough accord. A good 45 minutes in, Candy begins to feel slightly caramelized, but it is still only a creme brûlée compared to Un Bois Vanille’s raging campfire.

To me, Candy seems like an egregious misstep by Prada. Who is going to buy this? If they’re targeting a younger crowd, as the name “Candy” might suggest, then the high price point is all wrong for the teenybopper crowd. And I’m not sure why anyone who did have $110 to spend on perfume would choose to buy this over a better fragrance.

3 thoughts on “Prada Candy

  1. I do love the design of the bottle though (actually all Prada bottles for that matter). It’s like….if Doctor Who was a girl she would have this in her gadget belt. Does Doctor Who have a gadget belt? It doesn’t matter. He should. She should.

    1. Dan, I must admit that I’ve never seen Dr. Who. I am still grumpy about it and Top Gear replacing my beloved Star Trek reruns on BBC. It is an adorable bottle, Prada always does very well on that front.

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