Molinard Fleur de Chocolat

All that Chanel lore about Grasse jasmine had left me under the impression that Grasse was  just one big idyllic field of fragrant flowers. As it turns out, this is not quite the case. Grasse has more hills than Gondor.

It was just like this, but with less hobbits.

As frequent readers may recall, I am not particularly athletic. A 5-year old flailing around in the kiddie pool looks like Michael Phelps next to me. Michelle Obama could obliterate me with one bicep curl. Had I had even an inkling of the physical exertion that would be required to walk to Molinard, you would not be reading this review today. Fortunately for y’all, my ADHD Inattentive type means that I am frequently completely unaware of my surroundings! Yaaaaaay!

Molinard Fleur de Chocolat was my one Grasse perfume purchase, mostly by virtue of being the cheapest item in the Molinard gift shop. The first 20 minutes of Fleur de Chocolat feature a very attractive dark chocolate note. It then becomes more floral, bringing to mind the chocolate-lily combination of Vera Wang Princess. Unlike Princess, however, FdC actually maintains its chocolate note. FdC’s florals also smell much less synthetic and screechy.

Fleur de Chocolat ain’t exactly high art, but at $23 for 50 ounces we could hardly expect it to be. Besides, it’s something even better: liquid cheerfulness. There’s just something so satisfying about a good chocolate note. Anyone who doesn’t immediately smile upon smelling this needs a decongestant.

7 thoughts on “Molinard Fleur de Chocolat

  1. Hmph! (Crosses arms and turn up nose) If you want me to smile, give me a piece of chocolate, and keep yer chocolate-smellin’ fumies to yourself…

    … or you could mention hobbits. That’d make me smile.

    1. I am quite sympathetic to those who like to keep the two separate! In fact, there were no hobbits at all in France, everyone was so tall. I need to visit Japan sometime soon to give my height an ego boost.

      1. Bookworm was thrilled to find that her band uniform pants had to be let out an inch! She’s all of 5’1″ now.

        And I cannot believe this, but I just talked her into getting some strappy dress sandals with 2″ heels. They’re court heels, actually, a little chunkier than your average dance shoe heel, but definitely more stable. Her Homecoming dance date is about 5’9″, so I figured she’d need a little extra height or she’d wind up with a crick in her neck.

  2. I agree, that bottle is very cute, and seems very fitting.

    Oh, and Japan is certainly the place to go for a height ego boost. I felt like an awkward giantess there. And shopping for clothes? Ha. They practically laughed me out of the shops. (And I’m only 5’7″!)

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