Memoire Liquide Encens Liquide

A salesman literally flung four Memoire Liquide samples at me as I attempted to flee the terrifying Lexington Ave Bloomingdale’s fragrance department about a year ago. I had never heard of Memoire Liquide, and apparently neither has anyone else; their perfumes have 3 reviews or less on Makeup Alley. Well, I’m thankful for that salesman’s enthusiasm/desperation, because this is some good stuff! Encens Liquide is an incredibly smooth, lemony incense fragrance, with the same gorgeous amber note that defined the original Prada perfume. It is quite sweet, which an informed source tells me makes it unlikely to trigger Mass memories for the lapsed Catholics among us. There’s not much in the way of evolution/development here, but it sure smells great. I’m excited to try more of this line.

11 thoughts on “Memoire Liquide Encens Liquide

  1. “Literally flung” and “terrifying” and “enthusiasm/desperation”… man, you people with access to department stores sure get all the drama…


    1. New York department stores (outside of Bergdorf’s, which is a lovely oasis) are seriously traumatizing. If you weren’t claustrophobic before you went in, you are now!

    1. In fact, they are! (Allegedly!) ML was founded in 1984, Aftelier in 1999. I have to say I don’t care for either bottle! For those prices, it better look pretty on my dresser, too. I’ve always disliked that about the Malles, as well.

  2. I’ve never heard if this line either, but they must be doing something right if they’ve survived since ’84! Lemony incense sounds interesting…

    1. One of my favorite movies is called Sunshine Cleaning, with Amy Adams and Emily Blunt. Amy Adams’ father presents her with a van for her brand new cleaning company, with the words “Since 1963” written on it. He explains, “It gives people a sense of confidence.” πŸ™‚

  3. OK this is spooky! I just downloaded this last night, haven’t watched this yet. I don’t know why I downloaded it, I liked the title and the story. It was just so strange seeing you make a reference to it…

    1. That is super weird! It’s by the same director, and in the same style as, “Little Miss Sunshine”, so if you were a fan of that, I’m sure you’ll like this too. Let me know what you think of it!

      1. I actually prefer Sunshine Cleaning because, although it’s obviously not a chick flick or anything, it focuses more on the female experience. Little Miss Sunshine has a broader focus, dysfunctional families, but it’s also a very good movie.

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