Bond No 9. Saks Fifth Avenue for Her

I’ve had this sample for more than four years now. I was not particularly impressed with it when it was first released, so I left it to languish in the Sample Fishbowl. Now I think that I may have been too harsh on poor Saks for Her. Saks for Her is a sinfully rich tropical gardenia. Coconut is not an officially listed note, but it dominates the fragrance. Although it claims to have a vetiver note, Saks for Her doesn’t have much of a base at all. My issues with Saks for Her have not disappeared entirely: it is much too sweet, and its level of complexity is not on par with its high price. However, these grievances seem almost trivial when I consider how truly great this sunny, smooth fragrance smells. Normally I would tell you that you could probably find something equally enjoyable for a much better price, but honestly, these days you probably can’t. If anyone has found a similar fragrance for cheaper, please share with us in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Bond No 9. Saks Fifth Avenue for Her

  1. Bond does some nice work, but I feel like they should be priced in the range of Prada, not Amouage! That little discrepancy right there makes me much more critical (and less inclined to try more) of them.

    I kinda hate white floral, so it looks like I’m safe from this one! 😉

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