Molinard Miss Habanita

Miss Habanita: for the 12 year olds who found Miss Dior Cherie to be an “old lady perfume”.

Miss Habanita is actually very much in the Miss Dior Cherie tradition. Start with a beloved, classic perfume. Decide that this already perfectly good perfume needs a “youthful” makeover. Create a “modern” version that smells like strawberries and has absolutely no connection whatsoever to the original. Discontinue and/or reformulate the hell out of the original. Voila!

Although I wouldn’t have thought it was possible, Miss Habanita is a good deal less sophisticated than Miss Dior Cherie (although I have heard that Miss Dior Cherie has been reformulated recently). While Miss Dior Cherie had at least two different notes (strawberries and something sweet that wasn’t a strawberry), Miss Habanita merely smells like a scented Strawberry Shortcake doll. It’s actually kind of funny, in a way. Molinard has taken our obsession with youth (eye creams, serums, moisturizers made from stem cells … DO YOU HATE YOURSELF YET?? PLEASE HATE YOURSELF SO THAT YOU’LL BUY OUR PRODUCTS) to its logical conclusion. “The wimmenz want to smell young? Fine. Now you can smell like a five year-old. I hope you’re happy.”

That being said, I totally miss that Strawberry Shortcake doll.

7 thoughts on “Molinard Miss Habanita

  1. As someone who tends to have moments of feeling old at the ripe age of 26, I have to remind myself to embrace womanhood & do as Marlene Deitrich would. That said, this sounds like a sugary sweet disaster that I’d have no interest in ever sniffing though I too do miss my Strawberry Shortcake doll.

      1. Initially I had thought that these shots had been done as a form of awareness over the fashion industry’s obsession with youth — however ill-conceived it might be — … and then I read the article. Blech.

        Someone give me shots of Monica Bellucci in all her womanly gorgeousness to counter this.

      2. Ahahaha! The fashion industry being aware! You so funny. If it ever did happen, it would be Italian Vogue, not French, and my confidence in Italian Vogue has dropped significantly lately. Have you seen how their website now has special sections for “Vogue Curvy” and “Vogue Black”???? WTF? Do your non-curvy, non-black models really need to be protected from contamination so badly that anyone else needs to be ghettoized?

      3. Oh dear. At least we’ll always have Russian Vogue? Which I can’t read at all & routinely features my French lover, Eva Green. I’m curious what ‘curvy’ even means any longer especially because I’m pretty sure it’s a thinly veiled insult these days to the point that if someone actually referred to me as being ‘curvy’ I might take it as such.

      4. Oh, I’ll tell you what “curvy” means. “Curvy” was what they called Lara Stone when she was considered a plus-size model at size 4. “Curvy” is what they still call Crystal Renn, who at a size 6 hasn’t really been a plus-size model for years. The woman has a 26-inch waist. You know, I bought her damn book “Hungry”, where she talked about how she was so much more successful now that she had recovered from her eating disorder, how her body was naturally a size 12 and she had no intention of changing that. I honestly found it inspiring. Can’t believe I fell for it.

        And I would love to find an issue of Russian Vogue. I’ve never seen it around these parts.

      5. Oh, I remember that Lara Stone debacle. So ridiculous. I’m a 4 and it’s oh so comforting to know that the fashion industry would consider me to be plus-sized. I can barely find clothes small enough to fit into. Where am I supposed to be shopping? The little girl’s section?

        I was unaware of the Crystal Renn thing but I’m not surprised. But really, I see it from every side of the spectrum like people insisting that Marilyn Monroe was somehow some super large girl when I’d be hard pressed to squeeze into her dresses.

        I never was one with body image issues until recently. The more I began to focus on fashion and the idea of being a 5’10 waif to look good in most of what they’re selling … and suddenly being between a 2/4 & 5’2 became unacceptable. Oh well.

        And there was a place in Tyson’s that used to sell foreign fashion magazines like Russian Vogue and a whole slew of Japanese street fashion mags. I’m not sure if it’s still around though. It actually was like a place similar to Papyrus so it was really shocking to walk in and find all these glossy fashion mags.

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