Announcing the “Help Ari Buy Her Kitty a Roomba” Sale!

So you guys, a few weeks ago I saw this video on YouTube of a kitty riding a Roomba (a robotic vacuum cleaner). That kitty appeared to be having the time of its life. That’s when I knew that my kitty, Zelda Fitzgerald, needed a Roomba. I am also hoping that it will provide her with a new target to attack, one that is hopefully more exciting than my feet. So I am hoping to fund this Roomba purchase by selling off some of my neglected perfumes. I thought that I would give you wonderful readers the first shot at them.

All of these perfumes have been sprayed between one and five times. If you are interested in any of these items, please leave a comment or email me at . You are also welcome to list any of your perfumes that you are looking to unload in the comments. Zelda thanks you for her Roomba in advance!

Bond No. 9 New Haarlem, 1.7 oz

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette

Guerlain Shalimar EDC, 2.5 oz

Bond No. 9 Chinatown, ~3o ml

Note: Chinatown is not in the fancy Bond bottle because I purchased it by the ounce from the Bond No. 9 store. I do not know exactly how much is in this bottle. It is a 50 ml bottle, so I would estimate that it contains a little over 3o ml of Chinatown. 

Guerlain L’Heure Bleue EDT, 1.7 oz

28 thoughts on “Announcing the “Help Ari Buy Her Kitty a Roomba” Sale!

  1. Tiny Cat used to turn on the Roomba and ride it around the condo. It was adorable, until she started doing it at 3 AM on a worknight so we had to start flipping it over at night so she couldn’t. Also, I am too amused by the Captain Kirk bobble head.

    Sadly, I have little interest in Bond & have all the Guerlains already. Best of luck with the selling though, because yes, Zelda definitely needs a Roomba of her own.

    1. Thank you for the good luck wishes! I’m glad to know that demonic kittehs (tiny cat is the demonic one, yes?) do indeed enjoy roombas.

      I included the Bonds because I thought they might be a good option for people who like the scents but have… ahem… objections to buying straight from Bond.

      1. Yeah, Tiny Cat — Victoria, or more aptly called Tora Tora — is the demonic one. She loved the Roomba until we finally just stopped using it because another cat would like to vomit on the floor during the day … and you can probably figure how this went. That was not fun to come home to.

  2. I’m not in the market for any of these scents, though goodness knows I could do with offloading some of my own and I do wholeheartedly endorse the cause. I am trying to dissuade Charlie Bonkers from disruptive bouts of keyboard nudging, which deposit clouds of fur in the interstices between the keys, as well as making some strange charioiog900df–g-]d appear xjosuvioduif[s that I didn’t mean to type.

    I take it you already gave Captain Kirk first refusal?

  3. Hello Ari. I stumbled upon this sight in search of a bond fragrance. Ive heard good things about new haarlem. How much are you looking to get for the bottle. Also, do you have original packaging. Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Steve! I think the New Haarlem is a great choice. I do have the original box and packaging. The in-store price for New Haarlem now looks to be $150, so would $100 be fair?

  4. Hey Ari! Thanks for the quick response. Your price seems fair. I presume you have pay pal, but if not let me know how you would like to make the transaction. I have class in about 10 minutes but I’ll be back around 10am. Just leave me a message and Ill respond shortly. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Steve, I do have Pay Pal and that works just fine for me. The only issue is that I keep the original packaging at home (I am currently living on-campus). I will be going home this weekend, so would you like me to wait until I am home and can access the original packaging to send the New Haarlem to you?

    1. Hi Elisa! I think that a big part of that delightful Bond price is the bottle, so I would think that this is only worth $75 or a little less. I am totally willing to haggle if that is too high (I have no desire to rip anyone off just for a roomba).

      1. That is totally fair, but I really can’t justify that kind of purchase right now — I have been spending too much on perfume in the past month and I still have a good amount left in my Chinatown decant. Just thought I’d make sure you’re not GIVING it away. 🙂 Hopefully someone else will want it!

      1. Blog neophytes are welcome here! I see that Amazon has it for $40, so how about $30? I hope you will like it! I really do, but my friends hate it and I just never have any chances to wear it.

  5. These are not really my speed, though I do agree that Zelda needs a Roomba.

    Now, if the Kirk bobblehead were available, I might have to give that some serious thought… (not really. CEO would die, and not of happiness.)

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