Elie Saab Le Parfum


3/5 Harajuku Lovers

Elie Saab’s debut perfume has been receiving very positive reviews from bloggers who are much more reliable than me, and frankly you would probably be better off reading their reviews. These loud, syrupy jasmine/orange blossom fragrances are just not my thing. Elie Saab Le Parfum is the kind of high-pitched floral that I personally consider best left to blondes.  That being said, I will admit that it is quite attractive for a loud, syrupy jasmine/orange blossom fragrance. The lasting power is superb, which will be a point in its favor for its fans. Elie Saab is somewhat similar to Thierry Mugler Alien, but it is more sophisticated (meaning that it smells less like grape soda). On the other hand, you have to weigh that against the fact that the Elie Saab bottle looks significantly less like a Klingon vessel than the Alien bottle does. This may be a positive or a negative for you, depending on your proximity to Nerdvana.

I still don’t understand how they cloaked these things. 


14 thoughts on “Elie Saab Le Parfum

  1. Yeah, I would much rather have my bottle look like a Klingon vessel if I had to choose, but that’s kind of a given. Which reminds me that I’ve never actually sniffed Alien. I need to do so.

    1. Apparently there are people who don’t want intergalactic perfume bottles! I can’t pretend to understand it. I am neutral on Alien, but many people (Mals and CandyPerfumeBoy) seem to love it.

      1. I don’t love Alien. I sorta kinda like it, and I sometimes wear it to sleep in, and it’s pretty great for wearing to baseball games because it fits in with that whole trashy beer nut sort of vibe.

        But I’ve just about used up the three mfr samples I have, and I think I’m done. Not buying a bottle.

      2. I stand corrected! Sorry Mals! It does often seem that some of our most-worn perfumes are the ones that we don’t have any particular attachment to.

  2. I see you are more aligned with Olfactoria on this one, who described it as screechy, though I am glad she felt that way, as I was the beneficiary of a humungous decant as a result. I do understand the opposite view, in the same way that I understand how people might find Paul Newman attractive, but I find Elie Saab resolutely cheery, feminine and upbeat, qualities that commend a perfume to a woman inexorably sliding into menopausal oblivion. Which probably means I am totally the wrong demographic – and hair colour – but as someone with previous for wearing Vera Wang ironically, I won’t let that stop me. : – )

    Have been enjoying dipping into your archives, by the way – lots of rumbustious fun – and sorry I didn’t find my way to your blog earlier!

    1. As a mezzo who has dealt with one too many diva sopranos, I have a very low tolerance for high-pitched anything 🙂
      Your comment that Elie Saab being cheery and feminine was very interesting to me. I am small and female, two qualities that definitely work against me at Hopkins. In order to be taken seriously, I wear a lot of black and try to project an aura of grim intensity. I look forward to a time (or a height) when an upbeat perfume would be a more fitting choice.
      I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the blog! But most of the posts are not in the actual archive section (I got lazy).

      1. Don’t wish to disappoint, but you may already have reached your cruising height. Black may yield to beige (where I am at) and eventually to purple, apparently.

        Oh, and there seems to be plenty in the archives to keep me chuckling for a while yet…

        : – )

  3. I take a terrible pleasure in finding other apathetic and/or negative reviews of this, which did nada for me. In fact, I think I said pretty much what you said “Go read a review from someone who likes this kind of perfume.” But the more people praise it, the more I go from apathetic to anti, just because I’m contrary I ‘spose.

    PS Glad to see the Harajukus in evidence, too.

    1. I am ashamed to say that I actually forgot the Harajukus again and had to edit them in. I’m glad that other people had such great experiences with Elie Saab, but I didn’t find it too different from anything else on the mainstream market. Clearly we are just very contrary 🙂

  4. There are perfumes that just leave me cold: I do not mind them, I think they are OK but they do not move or interest me enough to want to wear them. ES is NOT one of them. It actually smells bad on my skin, I can barely tolerate it.
    Do I have to tell you how much I enjoy reading that there are other people who do not sing praises to this perfume? 🙂

  5. 1) Strident bitter beginning
    2) Decent white florals’ phase
    3) Bordering on ‘cheap generic’ drydown ….


    This came just couple of weeks earlier than the first Bottega Veneta perfume, which to me is far more interesting. Didn’t you test it? I’m sure you’d enjoy.

  6. haha! ooops, undefined syndrome, is that good or bad? …. Maybe you’re just starting a ‘like/and/irritate’ relationship, as mine with MissDiorChérie and Coco Mademoiselle (they are taking me ages, I’m still unwilling to decide wheter I like them or not!)… Antway, I think the irresolution means ‘interesting’, after all.

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