Results of the Bond No. 9 Birthday Giveaway!

The winner of the 20 Bond No. 9 samples is Elisa! Congratulations!

But (and this is where Oprah comes in), you’re actually all winners! Everyone who entered the giveaway gets a free Bond No. 9 sample just for participating! Except for Irina, who gets three, because she has no access to the Bond line otherwise. Please email me at with your mailing addresses so that I can send you your samples (and a very cute picture of Zelda thanking you for participating in the giveaway)!

I have the following samples available: West Side, Fire Island, Wall Street, Park Avenue, Bond No. 9 High Line, I Love New York For Him, Bond No. 9 Hamptons, Gramercy Park, 2 samples of Bryant Park, 2 samples of Eau de New York, 2 samples of Bond No. 9 Perfume, 3 samples of Nuits de Noho, and 4 samples of Bleeker Street. If you have a preference as to which sample you would like, please let me know in the comments. If more than one person is interested in the same sample, please fight it out amongst yourselves. It’s what Darwin would have wanted.

18 thoughts on “Results of the Bond No. 9 Birthday Giveaway!

  1. You have no idea just how much that pic of Oprah made me laugh!!

    Yay for samples!

    May I have the Bond no 9 perfume?

    1. I waste way too much time on the Lolcats website, which is where the picture came from. It’s kind of a problem.

      1 of the 2 Bond No. 9 Perfume samples is now spoken for!

  2. BEES!

    I have no real preference b/c I’ve never sniffed any of these. Surprise me.

    Also, survival of the fittest FTW! There are some perfumes I would knife fight someone over. Bond probably isn’t one of them, though.


    1. The Fire Island sample smelled like sun warmed skin and Bain de Soleil…circa my younger sunworshipping days. That metal tube of orange gel sunscreen, probably a spf 4, my feet in the sand, and a few good books, apply, flip and repeat. I enjoyed it, will have to give it another test drive. Boy that stuff has some staying power. The Botrytis I’d put on in the morning was gone by the time the mail came with the sample. The Fire Island stayed all night and was still there with my morning coffee.

      I’m even more intrigued by the Bond fragrances. Will have to make a trip and really explore them all.

      1. I’m so thrilled that you liked Fire Island. I find it quite special, too. And I like the memory it brought up for you! I have an excessive fear of sun damage, so it’s quite a foreign concept.

  3. Congrats to Elisa! And what a sweet, generous treat for the rest of us. I haven’t sampled any Bonds so this will be a step in the dark — my choice is 1 of the Eau de New York samples.

    And now I’m off to email my address.

    Is it really possible to spend too much time on Lolcats?

  4. wonderful giveaway, thank you, this was a surprise to all, I guess
    and, again, thank you for the “special” treat

  5. Thanks again for the great giveaway! I’d love to try the Bleecker street or Nuits de Noho. Have they been taken?

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