Pimp My Perfume Storage

As you can see, my perfumes currently reside on the top shelf of a low bookcase. Although they are safe for the time being, this is about to become quite an issue. You see, I have an adorable-but-devious kitten who is eventually going to grow big enough to reach the perfumes. She is already able to jump to the second shelf. Clearly, it is time for me to upgrade. So I need some suggestions from you wonderful perfume lovers! What are the best kitten-proof forms of perfume storage? I have three criteria:

1) It must be out of Zelda’s reach.

2) I would like my perfume storage unit to display the perfumes, as opposed to hiding them. I am not too concerned with temperature control or anything like that.

3) It must match the pink-and-white color scheme of the rest of my room.

And yes, those are tiny Scottish terriers on the sheets.

11 thoughts on “Pimp My Perfume Storage

    1. Thank you, Barbara! But keep in mind that these pictures were taken before I got the cat! My room is now littered with q-tips, her favorite toys.

  1. Ari,
    How about a unit with glass doors? Maybe a wall-mounted cabinet like Ikea’s Flaren bathroom cabinet. I’ve lived with many cats over the years, and no shelf will remain out of Zelda’s reach over time. She’s. a. cat. nuff sed. Good luck, and thanks for the Bond and Zelda pic. She looks like my Xyza from years ago.

    1. Now I want to see pictures of Xyza! Ikea was the first website I checked. Their wall cabinets aren’t gorgeous, but they would certainly get the job done!

  2. Well, I know you aren’t concerned about temperature control, but you have more years of perfume wearing ahead of you than most, so I wouldn’t rule out a fridge if I were you. You could get a tasteful one in silver with minimal signage, set it to 10 degrees and possibly still enjoy your perfumes decades later…!

    You will have seen the photos of Charlie Bonkers peering into my fridge – she can’t prise the door open, so it is totally cat proof.

    I do take the point that a silver fridge may not be what you had in mind to go with pink or white, plus there is a slight tendency to whirr, depending on the model…

    Whirr….er….purr? Hmm, maybe kitty would like this idea best…!

    1. Vanessa, you’re totally right! I forgot that refrigerators with glass doors were even an option. I love the picture of Charlie Bonkers and the fridge šŸ™‚ At the moment, my perfume collection is not very large (between 15 and 20 bottles), and none are horrifically valuable. If that starts to change, I’m definitely going the fridge route.

  3. I actually just keep mine on a high shelf that I know the cats could technically jump on if they were so inclined, but somehow never have. I feel as though I live around the only non floor dwelling Ragdolls in existence. They think they’re Siamese or Abyssinian and jump onto the top of all of the cabinets in the condo. They’ll somehow shimmy their way up the side if there’s nothing nearby to launch from. But thus far my perfume has remained untouched. If you’re really concerned she’ll disturb them, though, I’d say go as far as getting a glass cabinet that you’d display things in like crystal or dolls. I like the idea of the mini fridge, though.

  4. I think IKEA is probably the way to go – they have several white cabinets. Other than the Fralen ones mentioned above, there is a Hemnes cabinet with some drawers under it or a Liatorp one that is more like a china cabinet. Definitely need to keep those bottles out of harm’s way. I wouldn’t trust myself (or my slightly rambunctious dog) with them out in the open like that – I have mine in high sided trays/baskets on a very high shelf but they are mostly decants so they need some corralling. I pull a few out and have them on my vanity and rotate those with the seasons.

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