Thierry Mugler Womanity ‘Taste of Fragrance’


The original Thierry Mugler Womanity, with its odd combination of fig and aquatic notes, is really quite a distinctive scent. I can immediately recognize it, and I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that smells quite like it. Thierry Mugler Womanity ‘Taste of Fragrance’ is less distinctive. However, it also smells better. In fact, it smells great.

Womanity ‘Taste of Fragrance’ relieves some of the tension of the original Womanity by emphasizing the fig note over the aquatics. The result is a richer, more polished fragrance. Part of the original Womanity’s appeal was its rawness, so the smoother ‘Taste of Fragrance’ may be too much of a departure for fans of the original. Personally, it is the version of Womanity that I am more likely to wear. 

Ironically, despite the name, the original Womanity skews towards the masculine. (That was an appropriate use of the word “ironic”, right? I always get confused because of Alanis Morissette.) Womanity ‘Taste of Fragrance’ is sweeter (although never to the point of sugary) and more obviously feminine. It is a sensual, womanly fragrance worthy of the name “Womanity”.


This Womanity remix has actually helped me to appreciate the originality of the original Womanity. I wasn’t quite sure how to feel about it when it first came out, mostly because I was totally freaked out by the bottle. While James and the Giant Peach is my ideal movie in many ways- it has a Roald Dahl story, Randy Newman music, spontaneous singing, and an obnoxious character from Brooklyn- watching it at a very young age has left me with a lifelong fear of skulls and skeletons. Oh, and robot sharks made out of tuna cans. Anyway, you can see why the Womanity bottle, with its bizarre skull motif, was not exactly up my alley.

I still can’t believe this was a children’s movie.

28 thoughts on “Thierry Mugler Womanity ‘Taste of Fragrance’

  1. I will admit to thinking that the original Womanity was pretty gag-worthy. I wonder if I would like the TASTE OF WOMANITY better.

  2. I loathed the original Womanity, indeed it made the list of my top “Nasty Niffs” of 2010, along with Scarlett and Papyrus de Ciane.

    I agree that the current “remix” is way better and more wearable, though it retains a strangely clinical quality to my nose – a sort of “cryogenic bread sauce” aspect I am at a loss to describe but which prohibits proper bonding.

    And the packaging is beyond hideous and tacky, for sure. Makes John Galliano’s bottles look like Le Labo.

    From that “Gout du Parfum” range, only the Alien one really moved me…

    1. Did you publish that list?? I would love to see it!
      Alien remix is the only one I haven’t tried yet, because I wasn’t crazy about regular Alien. I loved the addition of cocoa to Angel, but it was still too damn Angel-y!

      1. Googling “Bonkers Perfume Top Sniffs Nasty Niffs” seems to fetch it up – there’s a list from 2010 with Womanity on it and an earlier one from 2009. : – )

        And yes, I found the Angel one still too Angel-y as well!

      2. I liked it even better than the “Best Of” lists! I have never done one of those because I try far fewer niche fragrances relative to other perfume bloggers, so I don’t think my list would be that relevant to most perfume blog readers.

  3. I sprayed this on my skin the day I picked up samples of the Alien and A*Men taste of fragrance samples… And the first five minutes or so, with that chutney accord, were so delicious! I was stunned, because the original was a complete scrubber from the first second to the last.
    Then around the ten-minute mark it hit. Gross. Ended up being a scrubber for me too. If only the first five minutes could last the duration!!!

    1. I am afraid this might be one of the issues with only testing on paper! I never reached a scrubber point! Well, that’s how perfumes get you in general- a great top note and little else. Usually they just putter out, though, instead of becoming truly awful.

  4. James and the Giant Peach is a MOVIE? With Randy Newman music? Srsly, how did I miss that?

    Hate the Womanity bottle. Sniffed the juice from it and put it down quickly. Extent of my experience, story over.

    1. Oh, please hunt it down. It is truly one of my favorite movies. And Randy Newman is one of my favorite singers/songwriters! I’ve been to two of his concerts and he was magnificent. The recent “Princess and the Frog” features his music, too.

  5. “(That was an appropriate use of the word “ironic”, right? I always get confused because of Alanis Morissette.)” Ha!

    I found Womanity totally harmless. I don’t get any salty or fishy vibe from it at all, it’s just Fig Newton filling. Yawn.

    1. I also found the original less daring than I had expected it to be. It seems like the only two responses to Womanity are “What’s the big deal?” and repulsion. We seem to be in the minority! I think I might like a Fig Newton fragrance, though! Om nom nom. I remember Luca Turin once described a fragrance as an “ectoplasmic Fig Newton”, which I found terribly intriguing.

  6. I just got samples of this and I have to admit I’m still a little afraid to try it. It seemed harmless when I first tested, but the proliferation of the word “bready” in reviews is putting me off.

    But, as usual I did enjoy your review. 🙂

    1. Thank you! And I must say I didn’t find it “bready” at all. And I like bready, yeasty smells (I bake bagels more for that hour and a half of smelling them than for the taste!), so I’m sure I would notice it if it were very strong.

  7. Thank you THANK YOU for this review. After reading it I decided to do a sid-by-side test of both versions and now I’m certain I do NOT want to wear Womanity – in any version. I think it’s an interesting scent (and I frankly do not smell too many differences beyond the first 20 minutes) but I’m not in a mood for wearing this as a perfume.

    1. Ha! I didn’t plan to discourage anyone, but I’m glad that I helped you make up your mind! I actually preferred it on my boyfriend than on myself, but he could not be convinced- might have something to do with the name “Womanity”!

  8. I don’t care at all for fig in a perfume. It’s been a long time since people started to wear it…
    It is because of the two fig trees in front of my house. I prefer the purple ones, my partner prefers the white ones. Every branch is covered with green figs from early spring up to end of summer, and it produces enough figs for me and I can’t possibly eat them all, so drying the figs and use them throughout the winter is a common solution. And it means I have figs all year around. The garden smells lovely when the fig tree bears fruits and the fruits ripen, I associate that scent to ‘ambience scents’ and I don’t want to smell like this. I know it’s being a long-time favorite, but I simply can’t understand…
    I don’t care a fig!

    1. Ha! I do not actually really like eating figs (or maybe I just haven’t had very flavorful ones, since they’re not local to the East Coast). My favorite fig perfume so far has been Annick Goutal Ninfeo Mio. GORGEOUS. Your fig trees sound beautiful!

  9. A more womanly Womanity? Interesting. On a UK talk show Lady Gaga mentioned she wears the original Womanity which seems pretty perfect for her I think.

    As for Alanis, you’re quite right, she has a lot to answer for. Now a lot of us aren’t sure of the difference between something that is ironic and something that is merely what you lovely Americans would call “a bummer” 🙂

    1. Hmm, I suspect that Lady Gaga may not be telling the truth about Womanity. She has a very strong fashion relationship with Mugler, but I remember reading early on inner career that she liked standard fruity florals!

  10. Just thought I’d quickly add a small antidote to all the “Womanity-hating” folk accumulating here. ;o) … I actually really like and wear Womanity, and I am a guy !
    In fact I would even go as far as to say I even quite like the bottle. With it’s “alien-punk” aesthetic, which I think is actually very “80’s Mugler”. (It’s also heavy and well made !) Although I do wish the ‘fume itself wasn’t that sickly pink colour. I think it would look better were it green or even a blue/violet instead.
    Also, I think the name “womanity” is a total unfortunate atrocity. And I believe were it not for the name and colour of the fume, many more men might probably like the scent itself and be prepared to wear it.
    Still, yes I totally agree with you that this new “chutney-remix” is actually a better version of Womanity, and much more “feminine” in character. And although I actually prefer it, I think the original one works a little better as a “unisex” scent.

    And just P.S. … I sometimes really wonder were the hell Turin’s nose is at times. I did not have a clue what he meant about “Iris Taiso / Iris Oriental” ??? I don’t know about “ectoplasmic” as such, perhaps, but it certainly smelled absolutely NOTHING like “fig newton”, or anything “figgy” at all !!! ~ Sometimes he is so completely “off”, that I start doubting all his other reviews too. :o)

    1. I am glad you spoke up for Womanity! I too agree that Thierry Mugler really went about the wrong way in marketing this. I just can’t imagine that it’s selling well to women, and I’m afraid that they’ll discontinue it soon. Which would be a shame, because I think that it would make a great masculine! I’m sure it smells wonderful on you!

      With regards to your PS… I am truly baffled by many of the fragrances that Dr. Turin praises in “The Guide”. Tommy Girl and Beyond Love, five star fragrances???

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