MD/VA/DC Area Perfume Meetup!

My perfumed peers! Come hang out with me! Let’s go perfume shopping at Friendship Heights, Tyson’s Corner, or wherever you can think of! I don’t care if you’re a perfume blogger or simply a perfume lover, I want to meet you! Please leave a comment if you’re interested, and spread the news to anyone else that you think might want to come!

20 thoughts on “MD/VA/DC Area Perfume Meetup!

  1. Hallo!
    I have been trying to post for a while but my machine was not working properly…
    Very pleased to meet you Ari and my regards to Zelda, what a beauty!
    Cheers from a perfume and CAT lover in London
    Anna 🙂

      1. Thank you Ari!
        I forgot to mention that I live in London (UK)…
        But, you never know, I would definitely love to have a get-together should I happen to hang around DC…

  2. If you ever get a get together going at Tysons..I would be interested : ) I love perfume shopping..I have never had someone else to do it with other than my daughters : )

  3. Sometime when I come stay with my SIL in Chantilly or my college housemate in Falls Church, I’ll let you know and we’ll go hit Tyson’s, hard.

    Meanwhile, have a great time!

    1. Mals, we don’t have a date picked out yet or anything! I would be more than happy to plan this meet up around your visits! And yes, Zelda is super cute. My first Lolcat! I’m so proud!

  4. Totally interested in joining you! I’m in VA. I suggest Tyson’s – we can swarm all over Art w/ Flowers, plus there are Chanel nearby and a ton of department stores. Then again, I don’t care where we go, it will just be nice to be with other people who understand me. 😉

  5. Am too far away, sadly, but will look forward to reading all about your mass sniffing – and sample-scoring – exploits when the time comes. : – 0

    Will Ari dare approach a sales assistant? We want a full report!

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