Prada Candy

So here’s the thing about Prada Candy: it is a terribly light fragrance. So light, in fact, that you might be tempted to spray to excess. That’s what happened with my first, unfavorable review of Prada Candy. As it turns out, overspraying Candy brings out the worst aspects of the fragrance. It becomes heavy, chokingly powdery, and has a distinct play-dough vibe. Much like its namesake, Candy is clearly intended to be enjoyed in moderation.

I have spent a good deal of time with Prada Candy since that first review, and I now find it to be a gorgeous gourmand. Candy is a warm, cuddly vanilla fragrance imbued with that Prada sophistication in the form of a benzoin base. Despite the name, Candy’s sweetness is worlds away from its sugary perfume neighbors on the department store shelves. A saleswoman at Nordstrom told me that Prada Candy is “selling itself”, and for once I am pleased to say that a popular mainstream fragrance is worthy of its success.

I have not, however, changed my opinion on that stupid propellor bottle. It is still really, really silly-looking.

16 thoughts on “Prada Candy

  1. Agree with the bottle…find it a great every day fragrance…like it…don’t love it…there are better…but I was willing to invest…

    1. Judith, I really wish that Prada would make the 30 ml bottle available. I feel like it’s currently a little too expensive for something that I like very much rather than love.

    1. I think it would be a wonderful gift for a young girl! I wish my college peers would wear something as sophisticated as Candy. Or really anything other than Bath and Body Works (nothing wrong with it, but I don’t like their new scents in general).

  2. I have two samples of Candy so I think it’ll do for the foreseeable future. I don’t think it’s bad I just do not love it enough to want to wear more (and I strongly dislike the name and have mixed feelings about the bottle).

    Have you decided to keep it regardless of your success with the exam?

    1. I actually think that the exam went very well! I’m relieved- I really didn’t want to return it! I think the name was a very odd choice- did Prada ever explain why they chose it?

      1. To be honest, I just can’t help feeling slightly cheated by the name “Candy” which was obviously picked for mere marketing reasons… Wearing Candy is like wearing a pure marketing strategy and imo this inevitably detracts from the scent itself… Call me difficult but this is how I see it. Personally, I do not enjoy this fragrance enough to overcome the feeling…

  3. So glad that you saw the “light” with this one! Zelda is clearly a cat of taste and discernment and was doubtless an encouraging influence in the retrial.

    I may have said this in my comment on your earlier review, but I just love Denyse of Graindemusc’s description of Candy as “armour for the 40-something woman in a brutal world”. It works just fine for the over 50s too, I can report, in fact I may just put some on now from my 10ml decant! Am hoping that will keep me going for a bit, because like you I don’t really care for the packaging – the graphics are a bit like those row house scents from Benefit with the silly girls’ names, if you know what I mean.

    1. I actually like to pretend that Zelda is a cat with extremely bad, trashy taste. Then I can blame all of my guilty pleasures on her. “Zelda MADE me watch Jersey Shore, you guys! She just needs to accept that Ronnie and Sammi are never getting back together!”
      I have really grown to like Candy and I am very relieved that I did well on my organic chemistry test, so now I don’t have to return it!

  4. 😀

    Vanessa, so are you blogging as well??
    ok, almost all of you are bloggers… This is the Attack of the Blogs!
    I feel overwhelmed. Why do you work so hard? Please stop! No time to read all your stuff!…………..ok, you will see… Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

    1. Our chief weapon is surprise, surprise and fear!
      Personally, the reason that I blog so often is because I am in a science major in which there is absolutely no use for my writing and reading skills. So I have no other opportunities to write!

  5. It’s the most revolting perfume I’ve ever smelt, it actually makes me want to gag I find it so repellent. I had the opportunity of a free bottle but couldn’t take it, I find it absolutely revolting. It’s like the cheapest fly spray you can buy.

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