Bath and Body Works Classics Giveaway to Celebrate 131 Twitter Followers!

So this was supposed to be a minor giveaway in celebration of the fact that Scents of Self had reached 150 wonderful Twitter followers, but then I made a few ill-advised comments about how Woody Allen terrifies me and how I never really liked “The Purple Rose of Cairo”, and now we’re back to 131. But I have decided to go through with the giveaway anyway! I won’t let creepy old Woody Allen ruin it for you!

This giveaway includes three Body Splashes from the Bath & Body Works Classics collection, which is no longer found in stores (even during sales). These body splashes are Brown Sugar & Fig, White Tea & Ginger, and Rice Flower & Shea. These are some of B&BW’s best scents, and frankly their limited availability is a mystery to me. This giveaway is open to anyone, regardless of location. To enter, please leave a comment telling me what your least favorite Woody Allen movie is.

34 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works Classics Giveaway to Celebrate 131 Twitter Followers!

  1. Any of them. Woody Allen creeped me out even before the whole Soon-yi thing.

    Actually, I’m not a big fan of any of those B&BW scents, either. Somebody give me some original Freesia (NOT Sheer Freesia), and I’ll be happy… Or Dark Kiss. That’s some trashy good fun.

    1. Frankly, we should have known as soon as “Manhattan”, in 1979. Woody Allen has clearly shown that he barely knows how to write characters other than himself. If his character is dating a high schooler, you’d best become concerned.

  2. Not a huge fan of Woody Allen, either, honestly … so I can safely say I probably don’t have a least favourite Woody Allen film. I’ll just reference the Seinfeld episode with Kramer as an extra in a Woody Allen film. ‘These pretzels are making me thirsty!’

    I’m kind of amused over how you lost followers over that. Apparently, you’re not allowed to have an opinion on your own Twitter.

    1. Oh, I don’t really blame them, because it’s not supposed to be my own twitter! It’s supposed to be for the blog only, and I understand if people just want to hear about perfume and not my anti-Woody rants. I am a little surprised that so many people seemed to disagree. I think that Woody is a good writer and an okay director, but certainly not enough of an artiste to outweigh his sketchiness.

  3. Well, I guess that’s pretty much now how I feel about relationships; y’know, they’re totally irrational, and crazy, and absurd, and… but, uh, I guess we keep goin’ through it because, uh, most of us… need the eggs.


  4. I believe my comment will disqalify me from the give-away. 🙂

    I don’t think I saw a single Woody Allen movie. Ooops!
    The things is, he usually gets on my nerves and then even when I want to watch a movie, I just never get around to it.

  5. Just answering the question :
    —> (I’m so grateful, you are so kind… but not necessary to include me in the giveaway because the thing that terrifies me is the Fig splash ;). Now seriously, believe me that I really don’t use any body Splash and for sure that would be more useful in someone else’s)
    frankly, to me, ‘Whatever Works’ was the worst of them all.

    I do not consider ‘The Purple Rose of Cairo’ a Woody Allen film. Really I don’t.
    In fact is the perfect film for a non-Woody Allen fan. So c’mon, Ari… confess… give me the truth, even if it hurts!

  6. I do not care for any of Woody Allen’s films. I am sorry you
    lost some of your twitter followers, but everyone has his own

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Is the most hilarious thing I’ve heard in days…

    stopped following you because of Woody Allen comments…

    You’re a Star ahahahaha!!!

  8. I have not seen many Woody Allen films…but I’m going to go with Match Point. I hated it. I miss Rice Flower & Shea.

    1. Man, Match Point was so dumb. Although I will say that I at least found it a novelty, because for once the main character was not very Woody-ish.

  9. Oh, poor Woody Allen. I think Melinda and Melinda was awful.

    On happier topics: Rice and Shea Butter! Wheeeee!

    1. Rice and Shea Butter is such a nice one! I can’t believe how these scents have been shoved aside in favor of “Carried Away” (doesn’t that sound Sex and the City inspired??) and all the new ones.

  10. The Rice and Shea Butter one sounds the best!!

    excuse me but… 😦 in what sense Match Point was so dumb? because of the ‘snobby’ things… or what? unless the ‘snobby’ things of the characters (I agree is the best way to irritate anybody, but I’ve always interpreted is something that Woody is laughing at), Match Point intends to be sarcastic/modern reinterpretation/tribute of Dostoievski’s anti-nihilism… so… why dumb? I’m not sure if I’m missing something obvious or not… because in a foreign language you know that there is nearly always something missing. I’m totally intrigued.

    I can’t believe naming Carrie from the dumbest television show ever to exist Sex and the City (don’t take it so seriously, I know the show is just fiction) in the same post than I name Dostoievski, but I have to say: shame on her (don’t take it so seriously, I HOPE she is just fiction)… so twee-so tacky… how pathetic narcissist she is, she’s just a pain in the neck! that’s exactly what I call a ‘dumb’ in my language. haha 😉

    1. Well, when you put it that way, it doesn’t sound dumb at all! Ha! I didn’t like Match Point for the same reason that I always do poorly in philosophy classes- I don’t really like movies that are based on concepts rather than stories. Match Point was very concept-heavy (luck is more important than we would like it to be), and I also felt like its concept was fairly simple and didn’t really merit having a whole movie built around it. Please don’t make any more sad faces, because I have truly terrible taste in movies!

  11. aha… that’s ok!!!! I’m Movie Maniac!!

    On the other hand, because I wouldn’t like you think that I’m a faultfinder, critical and demeaning (and just for FUN), here is the short list of the ‘personality/iconic celeb types’ that I can’t stand:
    —> 1.Carrie Bradshaw (character, and SJ Parker too); 2.Victoria Beckham; 3.Paris Hilton … and 4.Keira Knightley (it’s a nonsense aversion)

    I can’t stand that 4 so it’s probably that you can’t avoid negative comments if it’s the case.

    I simply don’t care for (they don’t mean a thing to me) that (vip’s?) as such as Denise Richards; Jennifer Aniston; Kate Hudson; Heather Graham; Selma Blair; and the rest of sex and the city ladies…

    Love/hate but I MOSTLY LIKE —> Angelina Jolie; Gwyneth Paltrow; Natalie Portman; Scarlett Johannson; Rachel Weisz; Renée Zellweger; Kirsten Dunst; Chloe Sevigny; Sigourney Weaver; Faye Dunaway; Natassja Kinski; Wynona Ryder; Julianne Moore; Nicole Kidman; Penelope Cruz; Christina Ricci; Drew Barrymore; Michelle Pfeiffer; Cameron Diaz; Halle Berry; Salma Hayek…

    I like A LOT —> Jennifer Connelly; Hillary Swank; Vera Farmiga; Zhang Ziyi; Sarah Polley; Joely Richardson; Laura Linney; Daryl Hannah; Claire Danes; Helen Hunt; Naomi Watts; Marisa Tomei; Debra Winger; Sophie Marceau; Liv/Arwen Tyler

    all Sympathy for —> Reese Witherspoon and Sandra Bullock, I like them both!……….. to me it seems they are sparkling and that kind of funny and enjoyable people.

    Everlasting love for Divas such as —> Helena Bonham Carter, Kate Winslet, Charlize Theron, Cate Blanchett, Uma Thurman, Jean Seberg, Isabella Rossellini, Juliette Binoche, Julia Roberts, Jessica Lange, Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon, Jane Fonda, Sharon Stone, Anita Eckberg, Kim Novak and the soooo stunning Kim Basinger.

    Woman on Top —> Audrey… Marilyn… Liz… Rita… Lauren… Vivien … Gene… Ingrid… Ava… Donna… Deborah… Grace… Katharine… Natalie… Lana… Greta… Marlene… Gloria Grahame… Maureen O’Hara; Jean Simmons… Judy Holliday… Hedy Lamarr… Paulette Goddard… Lee Remick… Claudia Cardinale… Catherine Deneuve… Julie Christie…. Charlotte Rampling … Veronica Lake… Sophia Loren… the georgeously beautiful ugly Anna Magnani…

    (:D LOL I didn’t have anything to do right now so…)

  12. I am not a Woody Allen fan, and I can’t think of a single one of his movies at the moment! I’m not sure when I last saw one of this movies. I do love those BBW sprays though 🙂 Now I need to check to see if I already follow you on twitter.

    Thanks for the drawing.

  13. After looking further into Woody Allens movies I discovered that I’ve only seen one of his movies (Midnight in Paris) and I loved it haha So sadly, nothing to contribute here!

    Although I am actually now curious to watch more of his movies…perhaps this discussion has had some ‘reverse psychology’ effect on me…

    1. Stef, I loved Midnight in Paris too. But I was least fond of the modern-day scenes, and those were the ones that were more typically Allen.

  14. … please let me know how old are all of yoooou….?? haha! I start thinking it’s all about a generational thing… eternal recurrence of the things Woody talks about, you have to discover for yourself in next coming years…
    Honestly, it took me all my ‘adult’ life (since I was 19-20 years old) to truly appreciate the work of Woody Allen. And those 17 years were well spent.
    It could be that you have to grow up and be students of life and really see what the world is about. or -it could just be that you need to be a bit more cynical …in order to achieve the mindset to understand the genius of it all, there’s something about Woody Allen that is just incredibly fantastic! Although most of the latter of his films get a lot more focused in the same cliché things, I remember watching some of his most brilliant comedies, specially ‘Manhattan Murder Mystery’, that truly had me laughing throughout, how funny was the whole f***ing thing, one of the funniest from Woody… Just watch it! maybe you gotta love him!

  15. So welcome into the land of adulthood and responsibility! (buuuuh, don’t take any notice) 😉
    I’m just wondering why strangely the older generations respect Allen a great deal more than the younger ones apparently do… I’m tryin’ to find a reason. Can you give me one good reason? – if it’s just a nonsense aversion like mine with Keira I think I can figure it out (which it’s no-nonsense at all, I have powerful reasons! haha!).

    I think all his work is about LIFE, it’s pure existentialism in the best and healthiest way!: contains both philosophic concerns that people had always asked and never really found an answer, and Comedy with capital ‘C’. LOVE,DEATH,GOD,etc… the eternal topics of the ancient Greek Theatre, and he can tell that big questions to people in a sarcastic way… so can you expect more?
    He doesn’t make you only laugh… in every single movie he’s asking you “Well, all right, why is life worth living?” -you know? his work based on /and/ for Human Happiness …- and the answer should be: “Because of all that things you’re showing precisely THIS WAY” (well, I would add life’s worth living because of perfume and perfume bloggers, too).
    I know that some people think these sarcasms show his stupidity… but beneath them there’s wonderful silly seriousness and a veneer of intellectual mimicry that he’s laughing at, so he’s laughing at HIMSELF. so… in a few words, this “little-man” rocks… it’s undeniable he’s the most brilliant comic (character/writer/director) since Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin (concerning this idea of the “little-man character” was first created by the silent movie stars of the twenties) and of course since Billy Wilder.

    With of heart in the hand I hope that future generations understand him more.

    End of Subject, I promise. 🙂

    1. I think that many people’s aversion to Woody Allen is not because of his movies, but because of his personal life. They feel that his relationship with his current wife, which began when she was underage, is at best inappropriate and at worst immoral. Many people are able to separate an artist’s personal life from their artwork, but I personally do not. For example, I would not financially support Chanel (as if I could actually afford it!) because of Coco Chanel’s history as a Nazi spy.

  16. I can’t stand Woody Allen so finding one film of his to single out is tough. But, I think I’m going to go with Crimes and Misdemeanors. A runner up is Match Point. Look, I love film I’m a screenwriter for gosh sakes! But, I think Allen is a droll bore who can reference greater times in cinema but doesn’t have the energy of the classics.

    1. I am glad that you are a screenwriter, because Hollywood desperately needs a greater diversity of experiences. Woody Allen is a perfect example of why another white man is exactly what Hollywood doesn’t need- like you said, he’s not bringing anything new to the table. Thank you for entering! 🙂

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