Update on the DC/MD/VA Area Perfume Meetup!


Hello, my fragrant friends! When I first proposed a DC-area perfume meetup, the following people expressed an interest: EchoCharlieKlytaemnestra, mharvey816, noisyboys, Jen, and possibly malsnano86. It seems like the best location for everyone is Tyson’s Corner/Galleria. Please comment with what days between now and February absolutely do not work for you, and we will pick a date based on everyone’s schedules. If you did not originally express an interest, but have changed your mind upon feeling the peer pressure, please leave a comment too!

[Photo of Guerlain-loving sea lions by me!]

7 thoughts on “Update on the DC/MD/VA Area Perfume Meetup!

  1. I dont know if guys are invited or not, but i do live in MD and would like to meet some fellow fragrance junkies. Keep me informed (rictor07@yahoo.com)

  2. My sister lives in Alexandria. Shall I impose upon her for accomodations and then leave her to go buy perfume with you all? 🙂 When you pick a date, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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