Occupy Scents of Self

For the next three weeks, I will be fighting oppression (aka my biochemistry final) by occupying the Hopkins biology department, most likely in a tent city. I will not be able to write any perfume reviews during this time, although I’ll still be around to comment. But you still need to be checking Scents of Self every day, because instead I’ll be posting interviews of more than 20 of my favorite perfume bloggers. These men and women are the Internet’s wittiest, most talented writers on the subject of perfume. This all-star lineup includes:

20 thoughts on “Occupy Scents of Self

  1. good luck and do not worry too much-I’m sure you’ll do fine
    ( biochemistry is beautiful from an after the exams point of view)

    1. Irina, thank you for the wise advice. I have actually really enjoyed the biochemistry subject material, but I have a somewhat strange (like everything else about me) learning style and often do poorly on tests.

  2. Heh… my husband came upstairs from the den last night and told me he would Occupy Dining Room until he got pie. Because, as he said, I had pie and he had none, and that wasn’t appropriate, so he’d be occupying until there was a fair and equitable distribution of assets…

    Hope the studies go well!

  3. Good luck! My husband is a biology major undergrad (only 1 more semester left after this one, but then of course he want to get his PhD!) and the next 3 weeks will officially be no fun time in our house while he prepares for finals.

      1. Oh goodness no, we are old folks! Husband didn’t go to college after high school and went back a few years ago (at age 30), starting with community college part-time, switching to “real” college full-time. It is interesting as he tells me all about the “kids” he’s going to school with. I am way finished with college myself (undergrad only) – I won’t date myself by telling you just how long ago that was!

  4. I was thinking Zelda did not look at all comfortable with that text book compared to how apparently calm she is now posing with perfumes. But, I see from your reply to Klytaemnestra that she is, rather, tempting you to kittenish pursuits. Better she should bite highlighters than toes.

    You are to generous to us to have set up all those interview posts in advance.

    Best of luck in your studying and exams.

    1. Oh goodness, the interviews are no trouble at all. The other perfume bloggers are doing the work for me! Thank you so much for your good wishes!

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