Interview with Christos of “Memory of Scent”!

Memory of Scent‘s Christos is so passionate about perfume that his reaction to recently being robbed in Athens was to feel relieved that his bottle of Alexander McQueen Kingdom had not been taken. Today he’ll tell us what happens when Fracas reacts with cell cultures, and give us a peek at his adorable cat Toupée. 

Why do you write about perfume?

Out of frustration from the fact that only I can smell what I smell in a perfume. I mean the ingredients are always there but perfume is a lot more than ingredients put together. Many times a certain note or accord evokes a certain feeling or memory and this is very personal. I wanted to share the way perfumes make me feel.

Your lab forbids the wearing of fragrances because the airborne molecules of the fragrance could possibly affect your cell cultures. Has this ever actually happened? Are you scientists hiding some mutant E. Coli that became freakishly strong due to Fracas exposure? It’s okay, you can tell us. 

If ever a fragrance could make cells go wild Fracas would be it. In reality perfume just kills cells because anything airborne will eventually end up diluted in culture media and eaten by cells. And as we all know perfume tastes terrible.

What are your favorite perfume houses?

Three big loves: Serge Lutens, Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier and Montale. I also have a deep respect for Lalique. I can’t justify these loves, I think I can just “read” the stories behind their perfumes.

What is your favorite place to shop for perfume?

In Athens there is a very special place, Tonic Essentials. I also love shopping at Skins in Amsterdam. and there is a very special place, Profumeria Cherry in Rome, a shop the size of a closet with its walls covered with bottles of every niche house known to mankind. A truly magical place.

“Colours of Iris” was a series of posts on Memory of Scent in which you searched for the perfect iris scent. This was made difficult by the fact that you did not want a traditional, powdery iris. Have you found the iris yet? Which fragrances are the strongest contenders?

I spoke about the Colours of Iris because I think each note has a spectrum. I do not believe in one perfect, Holy Grail fragrance. I am more intrigued by the different facets that can shine in different compositions. Iris Silver Mist is perfect in presenting iris as a cold scent from the underworld. Iris Bleu Gris is perfect in the way it presents a naughty, vegetal iris. L’Homme de Coeur is a perfect in creating a masculine, woody powder. And Equistrius and Citta di Kyoto portray a tactile iris I want to roll in. I am not very monogamous when it comes to perfume. I like to find the one redeeming quality that lifts a scent  to another level.

What are some of your other interests outside of perfume?

I love my work. I love food, wine, cocktails, everything that has a taste. I love cinema, I can watch films back to back for hours. I love Toupée, my cat. I love my friends and meeting new people in the perfume blogosphere.

What perfumes are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree/Menorah branches this year?

Agios Vassilis, the Greek version of Santa Claus, traditionally comes in the New Years Eve. I have been extra good the past year and I would like to find Muscs Koublai Khan under the tree. There will be no tree this year in our house because I don’t think it will survive Toupée’s attacks. So just to be sure I will order it online.

28 thoughts on “Interview with Christos of “Memory of Scent”!

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  2. I share a bigbig love with Christos, and it’s Serge Lutens! 🙂 Nice interview!!

    about the whole ‘Holy Grail’ subject, I would share with you Ari, that I’m so excited, revisiting a true ‘old love’… LouLou by Cacharel… and I think I’m stopping here!!, since wearing it exclusively in high school I haven’t worn it or even smelled it for at least twenty years… It was only a nice memory, but no … I believe I’ve found what I always was looking for during all those years… I never thought it would be LouLou again! life’s strange! when I read the composition, I realized why I had fallen in love with it in the past, and that contains none-the-less the notes I adore in a fragrance together in one. No more, no less than perfection!! I love everyone of them. And I’m not sure, but I think it hasn’t been reformulated at all.. maybe it smells less powerful than I had in mind, but probably due to the version, only available in Eau de Parfum concentration now…

    I would add that Loulou made me thinks about you, too! because its rich sweetness/mellowness, because it smells vintage without being ‘granny’ powdery, because it is soft and intense at the same time. So feminine, warm, enveloping, it smells like christmas…This will remain in my life as proof of a full circle moment. As I see, it’s a real precursor of all those scents that now we’re used to (and that I think you love): Dior Hypnotic Poison (which is more root beer and too much perfumey), Prada Candy (too weak, but it’s ok)… I see even a precursor of Thierry Mugler’s Angel in it…!! without the ‘bizarre’ touches. LouLou It’s ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS, don’t mind if it’s a Cacharel, to me it is one of the best EVER, ever, ever!

    1. Lou Lou sounds just wonderful! I’m so happy to hear you’ve been reunited with your old love. Do you really think this is the end of the perfume road for you??

  3. (frankly I don’t think so…) but it would be poetic! 😉

    By the way, for sure I’m in HEAVEN, I think I’ll be going for long holiday at least! only I wish I could find the pure parfum, because I know it’s even better for sure……
    you know…? most perfumes make me feel comfortable, or pretty, or happy, or melancholic, or bla bla bla…. whatever, you know?!
    but just a little few -as Loulou does- makes me all these things at once!

    I strongly recommend you to try it, although I’ll be always more subjective than you because it brings me back beautiful memories.

  4. PS: oh! I forgot to say that also reminds me of FM’s Lipstick Rose!!! there’s some touch in common…… something… maybe violet, maybe vanilla…i don’t know!

  5. Yes my friend, you’re right!!! one of the most beautiful bottles in the market, the opaline glass one… now a hard to find…! I’m looking through whole internet and I couldn’t find a clue…

  6. Christos, you and Toupee are a fine looking couple and it’s a pleasure to meet you through Ari’s interview!

    I really enjoy reading your blog (it helps that you write positive things about many of my favorite perfumes ) : )

  7. Thank you for this fabulous review with Christos, who is the cat’s meow when it comes to perfume blogging, fragrance swapping (I just received a generous package from him and hope the one I sent him makes it there soon) and friendship. His writing is a pleasure to read — so thrilled to see him featured!

  8. Christos, I’ve read for several times that Khiel’s perfume oil named ‘Original Musk’ is a very close match to SL’s Muscs Koublai Khan… is it that true?
    I’m not sure if I like the idea, because I really can’t stand Keihl’s smells in general, but I love most of the Serge Lutens’ and I have blind faith in the non-exported, which I’ve not smelled yet.

    Well, so I took the Khiel’s Original Musk 7ml/0.23 fl oil that comes in roll-on bottle (there’s an EdT spray version, too, and also a scented Body Lotion) and gave as a present to my brother-in-law last ‘Xmas although I really didn’t LOVE (I have just a personal problem with nasty dirty Musky notes) but objectively, I know it was a very good quality scent… and of course he liked it.

    So – in improbable case you didn’t know – I would suggest it to you as a much cheaper than MKK alternative / or as a perfect blend to combine with MKK, so it might be very good for layering!

    1. I know Khiel’s original musk and it has nothing to do with MKK. Khiel’s is a lot more floral. Thanks for caring for my wallet though! The damage is done! SL has a free shipping offer till today so I already ordered.

  9. What a cute cat! (and the picture itself is very nice)

    Christos, can you wear perfumes in the evenings? If yes, do you have to make sure there is no residual scent on your skin before you go to the lab?

    1. We thank you Undina. I most certainly wear perfume in the evening, most of the times even if I just stay home. With a shower there is no problem in the lab. If the smell is barely there then there aren’t enough molecules in the air to do the job.

  10. Fantastic interview! Thank you! And hey Cristo, you’re residing in Athens, I thought you were stationed abroad, another one of the diaspora. How refreshing to know!
    Sorry about the robbery though.

    1. Thank you Elena. Born and bred in Athens with some time spent in Paris and Nottingham for studies. It seems theft is a part of everyday living in big cities. Thank you for caring. You live in Athens too?

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