Perfume Blogger Interview with Nick of “Fragrant Reviews”!

Unlike some of the rantier perfume bloggers we might know (that would be me), Nick writes precise, effective perfume reviews in under 140 characters for Fragrant Reviews, the very first Twitter-based perfume blog. Today, he’ll tell us about his fragonerd dream job at British niche perfume store Les Senteurs and his keen interest in the making and eating of cakes. 

Why do you write about perfume?

I write about perfume because some days I can’t get it out of my system enough. I’m lucky that I get to talk about perfume all the time, however, there are some things I want to shout from the rooftops and never have a chance to do at work because they are unrelated to what we sell.
I started @fragrantreviews just as a little thing, not sure what would happen and just doing it for the fun and challenge of describing fragrances in 140 characters. I’m so glad I got The Candy Perfume Boy onboard with me straight away, because we’d chatted about it previously and I wasn’t sure he’d still be up for it when I actually went ahead and started doing it! And now we also have Lila too, who is doing a whole bunch of things for Basenotes and bringing a fresh set of nostrils to the reviews!

You have a perfume lover’s dream job at the British niche perfume store Les Senteurs. What can you tell us about it? What has working there taught you about perfume?

The job does feel like *the* dream job for a fragonerd like me. I get to share the love of fragrance with like minded people every day. And to be able to speak passionately about the scents you are selling (and genuinely mean it) is fresh for me, because I worked in mainstream fragrances for nearly 10 years and had become very jaded by the marketing spiel.
As for what I’ve learned: Well that would be telling, wouldn’t it? I’ve learned a lot more of the business & PR side of things, that’s for sure. But in regards to fragrance, it feels like too much to remember some times. In the past 4 months the most important thing I’ve learned to try to disregard notes listings and just go with what your nose and brain tells you. Ideas, moods, places and photorealistic scented images have all leapt out of bottles in front of me. I don’t care if that sounds pretentious!

What are your favorite perfume houses?

My favourite perfume house has for a long time been Comme des Garçons. I have a huge soft spot for Guerlain (I’m wafting in my Spiriteuse Double Vanille writing this), and recently I’ve been having a huge geek out over Pierre Guillaume’s Huitieme Art line. And James Heeley’s line is full of incredibly well constructed, intelligent fragrances (Esprit du Tigre has become a personal favorite).

What is your favorite place to shop for perfume?

I haven’t really “shopped” for perfume in a long time. I would say Les Senteurs but working there means every day I create mental shopping lists. I love Liberty’s perfume section, and Harrods for the Guerlain counter and other exclusive bits.

Your co-blogger, The Candy Perfume Boy, claims that you have a Commes de Garcons addiction. Can you confirm this? What draws you to the CdG line of perfumes?

It’s true, I have a very real CdG addiction. It started as a CdG2Man addiction, rapidly developed into an “anything Mark Buxton created” addiction, and then became an “oh I love all these weird smells!” addiction. Anything outright strange I really love. I really enjoy the synthetic series too, shame they discontinued it!

What are some of your other interests outside of perfume?

Other interests include making cakes, eating said cakes, watching musicals (however since I moved to London I have yet to see a show!), and I used to have a rather large comic book collection. I still love superheroes, especially team focused books, can’t stand solo titles! And I cannot wait for The Avengers to be released on the big screen next year. (zomg Thor zomg.)
I am also interested in gin. And chocolate. Alcohol and food that is bad for you. I recently discovered a chocolate beer at the Porterhouse in Covent Garden, and it is like drinking a boozy Pepsi Float.

What perfumes are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree/Menorah branches this year?

Well what I’d like is a big long list at the moment, but I won’t be greedy. I’ll be happy with just one: Lorenzo Villoresi Sandalo!

15 thoughts on “Perfume Blogger Interview with Nick of “Fragrant Reviews”!

  1. It is so nice to put a face on a such an interesting project as “Fragrant Reviews”. The idea of cutting the bull and focusing on 140 words is simply amazing! You are doing an excellent job over there! Nice to meet you Nick.

    1. I’m so glad, Julie! The timing with regard to my finals has been a boon for me, but I would have wanted to interview all of these fascinating perfume bloggers no matter what!

  2. Ari, please stop makin’ me discover such an amount of valuable bloggers!!!
    I want to have a baby as soon as possible, no time enough to read…!!

    1. What exciting news!!! But I’m sure you will have much less time to read perfume blogs once you have a baby, so this is really the best time to do it!

    1. Oh, no doubt. My sense of taste is a lot like my perfume tastes, actually- I like very strongly flavored things (horseradish, passion fruit) and can’t stand bland tastes (mayo, egg salad). I love both sweet foods and sweet perfumes.

  3. I have a question for Nick:

    When you go to work do you apply a perfume at home before leaving or do you use something in the store from the range you’re selling?

    1. It depends on the mood I’m in! Most mornings I am a zombie until I arrive at work. It takes me the whole commute to wake up. So I haven’t always decided if I need to apply something I have, or if I’m going to wait til I get to work. Also if something new comes in, I will wear it repeatedly until I have really familiarised myself with it. How can I talk about them with confidence if I don’t know them inside out? So, that’s my ‘clear as mud’ answer. 🙂

  4. I love this picture, Nick! And I second the opinion already expressed that your 140-character reviews are inventive and fun. Really, a short description is all most of us need to know if we want to try something, right?

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