Interview with Aaron of “Cologne Show”!

I wanted to feature Aaron, an up-and-coming perfume blogger, so that we can all say we knew him when. In many ways, Aaron is my dream man; he has a British accent, advocates for “animalic room clearer” fragrances, and “fucking loves cats”. His truly funny interview gives me great hope for his brand new website, Cologne Show. Today he’ll speculate on the fragrance choices of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast and tell us why Illuminum’s Perfume Lounge really needs a front door. 

Why do you write about perfume?

At present my writing has been limited to social media and forums, but I have begun writing draft blog posts for my new site which will run alongside a youtube channel of the same name in the new year.  I’m inspired by all perfume writers (especially those featured in this q&a series) and a lot of the reviewers in the youtube community.  I think both sets of bloggers can learn from each other and certainly too many youtube reviewers give bland, formulaic reviews of common scents and I hope to present something a little different.  I believe it’s important to discuss perfume in such a way which conveys the beauty – or lack of – of a scent as more than a sum of it’s component notes without bombarding the reader/viewer with metaphors or writing like an A-Level English student who’s just been given a thesaurus.  To directly answer your question, I write to convey my vehement hatred of Creed.

You are often told that you resemble Gaston, Belle’s arrogant suitor from Beauty and the Beast. You don’t, by the way, but let’s just go with it. What perfume would Gaston wear? 

Gaston exudes arrogance and aggressive masculinity, so it would be easy to imagine him wearing a powerhouse strong enough to strip a car engine, like Salvador Dali Pour Homme or even Drakkar Noir.   He also possesses a lot of guido/bro-like qualities, so Ed Hardy Love & Luck or Acqua di Gio would cover that angle, but we must consider Beauty and the Beast was released in 1991, which is too early for those clubbing scents. Ultimately though, for all his strength and dashing good looks, Gaston is a loser who doesn’t get the girl, so perhaps a Hugo Boss fragrance would be most appropriate.

What are your favorite perfume houses?

Dior, Guerlain, Serge Lutens and much to candyperfumeboy‘s chagrin, Tom Ford.  Annoying as hell reformulation issues aside, Dior has an incredible back catalogue on both the masculine and feminine sides and a couple of real winners in their exclusive line.  Even if they didn’t have a range of incredible scents available – but they do – Guerlain will forever be up there purely for achieving the incredible feat of making scents which can be enjoyed by women and men centuries apart.  Serge’s scents have a great amount of originality and class to them.  Tom Ford, although rubbing a few people up the wrong way with his sexual advertising and high price point, has so many great scents which tick all boxes I expect from a niche line.  Provocative, long lasting, in your face and damn sexy.

What is your favorite place to shop for perfume?

Online, covers my designer needs at a reduced rate.  Around London I enjoy browsing Selfridges, Liberty’s, the Roja Dove perfumery at Harrods, Les Senteurs and the various niche boutiques.  I tried to get into Illuminum’s Perfume Lounge the other day, but they don’t seem to have a front door.  Mainly though I like to use ebay for the best deals, especially on discontinued 80s powerhouses!

You’re a vocal advocate of some filthy fragrances, including YSL Kouros and Boadicea The Victorious Intricate. What draws you to these fragrances? Are you trying to subconsciously communicate to us that you do not like to bathe?

I’m trying to consciously communicate the need for a man to smell masculine with no shame! Honestly Kouros, had it not already been released, could easily be put into a more sophisticated Frederic Malle glass bottle as Civet Extraordinaire at £130 per 100ml and it’d still be heralded as a work of art.  With the classic 80s powerhouses, you had uniqueness, longevity and projection aswell as quality blending.  Contrast that to a lot of niche houses dumping Oud into a fragrance at the expense of every other note.  Interestingly though Intricate is probably the only scent which benefits from Boadicea The Victorious’ trademark crappy blending allowing it to literally smell like the inside of a battle-hardened Roman soldier’s undergarments.  I haven’t been in the fragrance game that long but thankfully I moved away from my sweet and fresh scents very quickly and now actively seek out these animalic room clearers, and they have a place in everyone’s fragrance wardrobe who likes to stand out.

What are some of your other interests outside of perfume?

I’m a big football fan and am especially into football nostalgia (hence my twitter name – will be updated soon I promise).  I love watching MMA and practicing martial arts, weightlifting, swimming, mountain biking, rock climbing and have just started yoga which I’m terrible at.  I’m a huge fan of classic films from the 30s-70s aswell as reading, language learning, volunteering and probably most importantly I fucking love cats.

What perfumes are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree/Menorah branches this year?

Well I’ve not asked anyone for a specific scent and I think most family members would be too scared to just go into a dept store and buy me one knowing how obsessed I am now with scents, so I think anything I do get will be self-bought.  I’ve spent FAR too much over the past 3/4 months so whatever I do buy will have to be cheap – probably Brut 100ml EDT and/or 4711 Eau de Cologne.  Yes I said Brut.

11 thoughts on “Interview with Aaron of “Cologne Show”!

  1. When I came to this site today my first thought was: have I sent Ari a wrong picture??! Aaron’s cat looks like a twin of my cat Rusty. Wow.

    Not to judge anybody’s perfume preferrences, I disagree with the notion: “the need for a man to smell masculine with no shame”. If we are talking about an unclean BO – then yes, there is a shame in that and we do not need a perfume to teach people to tolerate that – I’d rather teach them to take a shower. And if it wasn’t about the lack of hygiene habits than I do not think that masculinity is in any type of danger and is doing just fine, no shame involved.

    1. Oh Aaron bathes, as far as I know! What I think that he meant is that more animalic scents smell much more “naturally” masculine than the aquatics that are so popular with men at the moment. And this kitteh really does look just like Rusty! Both are gorgeous cats 🙂

      1. That’s what I meant. Masculine powerhouses and polarizing, strong scents are seen as dated by a lot of non-fumeheads I know (and even by some of those more in the know if youtube and basenotes reviews are anything to go by). I live in Birmingham where you literally cannot go to a public area without smelling One Million. I’d like to think that things will go full circle sometime soon but who knows?

  2. Nice to read you! Ten points for Gaston! My what a guy! XD

    I fucking love cats, too. I have two, aged 11 and 12 years old respectively, they are cutest senior cats lounging in the sun…

  3. Looking forward to Aaron’s new blog – cat-owning British perfume bloggers unite! And you are only down the road from me…I’m in Stafford. : – ) You have Selfridges, mind. We have a tiddly Coop department store which is more comfortable selling frilly valances than fragrances – whether Frederic Malle or Faberge!

    Oh, and I agree that Cheapsmells is great for discounted mainstream stuff.

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