12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Scents of Self!

    1. Oh, Zelda would never have put up with that elf hat! That’s why I had to photoshop it on 🙂 You can see the white edges if you look closely! I hope that you, Mr. Bonkers, and Charlie Bonkers have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Thank you so much, Selina! It is a joy and a privilege having you as a reader. Hope that you are having a wonderful holiday! See you in 2012!

  1. I’m with Vanessa on the elf hat — I’m not sure Zelda’s going to be impressed when she opens her eyes and sees that picture.

    You do a great job of making this reader feel treasured. Hope you’re finally getting a chance to relax and having a great and merry holiday.

    1. My photoshop skills have fooled you all!!! Linda, you are the best reader that any perfume blogger could ask for. I can’t wait to send you your giveaway package. Hope that you are having a wonderful holiday!

  2. I hope you had the Merriest Christmas ever!

    Thanks to you for being here every day, telling us those exciting things, sharing your thoughts and your heart that not only made us think, but smile and laugh!

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