Scents of Self’s New Year’s Resolutions!

My treasured readers, you can expect the following things from Scents of Self in 2012:

  • A new post every day, Monday-Friday
  • Monthly giveaways (I freaking love giveaways you guys)
  • A response to every single comment
  • A weekly feature in which I spotlight other perfume bloggers that everyone needs to be reading
  • So many pictures of my kitteh Zelda!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!! This blog was really and truly the best part of my year, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making it possible. Please share some of your New Year’s resolutions with us in the comments! Or, suggest more resolutions for Scents of Self!

20 thoughts on “Scents of Self’s New Year’s Resolutions!

  1. My current New Year’s resolutions:
    1. Read Scents of Self every day, Monday – Friday
    2. Take part in the freaking awesome monthly giveaways
    3. Leave comments worthy of the commitment of a response to every comment
    4. Look forward to the weekly feature on other bloggers and check out their sites
    5. Ooh and aah over every picture of Zelda (even when she has her tongue stuck out)

    Happy New Year, Ari! And thanks for all the great times so far.

  2. I’m so glad I was introduced to your blog, I must have been snoozing, because it seemed like you just popped out of nowhere and easily made my day brighter by reading your words.

    I don’t believe in resolutions, but I’ll say this just to join in the fun:
    I want more perfume, more editorial work, more foresightedness, less pain, more drive and at least a few more friends in 2012. πŸ™‚

    1. Carrie, I am so happy to brighten your day! I have been blogging since 2009, but only got a Twitter account this year. I LOVE Twitter, it has helped me discover so many wonderful blogs (and, I suspect, has helped some people discover me!) I love your non-resolution resolutions and hope that they all come true!

  3. Wow, I think these are awesome resolutions and there’s not much I can suggest!
    Some of my resolutions should appear on cafleurebon, I write there as Olga. I will be glad to share them after they appear πŸ˜‰

    Happy New Year to you, Ari! I am looking forward to your blog in 2012!

  4. And I promise to read your blog diligently, like the devoted little perfumista I have become. Oh yea, and exercise.

  5. Re No 3, me and Mals have a couple of comments still hanging in the Fragrance Fiction post… Though maybe the resolution applies from 2012, in which case you’re off the hook… : – )

    Otherwise, I look forward to it all! I could never resolve to post on any given frequency – my lifestyle is waaaay too erratic with travelling so much. So I am full of admiration for No 1.

    1. I did mean for the resolution to only be binding starting in 2012, but I will do my best to get to those comments! I know that you have had the craziest travel schedule, so I would never think to reproach you for infrequent posting, and am always delighted to see when you do post!

  6. I approve of your resolutions, and look forward to seeing more of you and zelda on here in 2012 πŸ™‚

    I normally don’t make resolutions, but this year I’m making an exception. I want to push myself to do things that I’m not comfortable with, choose to be happy every day (or at least try), read as much as possible, and decide what my priorities in life are. Not easy things, but if I can accomplish those, I think I’ll be a much better person for it. Baby steps!

  7. Hm… Does it mean you promise NOT to publish a new post over weekends? (not that I mind those, just asking πŸ˜‰ )

    I like your resolutions (and I’m slightly envious that you’ve made them right in time). I look forward to your posts and many pictures of Zelda (can you, please, remind me her complex last name? I tried to find it recently to share with my vSO – he also loves cats and stories about them – and didn’t succed).

    1. I am definitely going to try to save those posts for weekdays! Sometimes I am just bursting with things to say and can’t contain myself!
      Zelda’s full name is Zelda Weinberg-Rosenberg. Weinberg is my last name, and Rosenberg is my boyfriend’s (who helped me pick her out at the shelter).

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