Your New Favorite Perfume Blog: From Pyrgos

I was unable to find a picture of the author of "From Pyrgos", so here is a photo of lovely Pyrgos instead.

Who: Bryan Ross

What: “From Pyrgos”, a men’s fragrance blog in which Bryan passionately and hilariously defends this much-maligned genre.


Why: I am mystified as to why this excellent blog is not more widely read. From Pyrgos deserves to be one of the top men’s fragrance blogs. Bryan’s reviews are bold, honest, and brutally funny. I challenge you not to laugh at his descriptions of perfume salespeople (“They consider a mug of coffee beans to be an incredibly sophisticated and impressive insider’s tool that requires a casually flippant explanation”) or his jabs at Tom Ford (“Just a shot in the dark here, but if I had to guess, I’d say Tom Ford needs at least two hours to get ready before going out”).

20 thoughts on “Your New Favorite Perfume Blog: From Pyrgos

      1. oh, he’s just so WITTY and hilarious!

        but YOU are FUNNY!
        f.i. every time you forgot the Haraku Lovers… —> That’s the FUNNIEST, I mean when you don’t pretend to be funny.

        1. OMG! OMG Gemma I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT THEM AGAIN! You know, I just went to go see Sherlock Holmes 2 in theaters for the second time last night, and it was just as enjoyable as the first time because I HAD ESSENTIALLY FORGOTTEN THE ENTIRE MOVIE!!!

        2. Last saturday I was in El Corte Inglés (the multi-storey shopping center) — perfume section– and for the very first time I saw Harajuku Lovers fragrances sitting on the shelf. I couldn’t even touch them because I literally laugh so hard that I had to walk around randomly while still laughing and trying to hide myself so far from the crowd, and then, suddenly I was right there, next to the Tena Lady incontinence products.
          I swear by the moon!

  1. I’ve been reading the “From Pyrgos” blog too, following a link from “Bonkers”, but couldn’t comment because there’s no “Anonymous” option on it (unless I’m simply missing it).

    He’s fearless and funny. Good stuff.

  2. Yep, From Pyrgos is a real sleeper, and I hope your feature brings it to a wider audience. I just wish I knew more of the scents he features so I could relate to it even more, but that is inevitable with a men’s blog. In fact FP may be the blog equivalent of my favourite band of all time, The Monochrome Set. A German broadsheet whose review I translated called them “The best unknown band in the world”. Hopefully FP won’t be under a rock for much longer…

    Vanessa / “Bonkers”

    1. I hope so too, Vanessa! I was actually hoping that this post might bring Bryan himself out, because I am curious to learn more about him. He doesn’t seem to have a twitter yet. I also don’t know many of the scents that he reviews, but there are so many perfume blogs that focus on women’s scents that I suppose it is only fair!

  3. Have been reading this blog for a couple of months, and enjoy it a lot – and just added it to the blogroll at the new site. Should have done it earlier, but I was lazy. Oops.

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