United Scents of America New Jersey

Confession time: I legitimately enjoy Jersey Shore.

I laugh when Snooki laughs. I cry when Pauly D cries. (Although Pauly D never cries, because he has the emotional range of a teaspoon.) Despite my best efforts, I remain deeply invested in Sammi and Ronnie’s relationship. I’m telling y’all, there are some deep human truths lurking behind the spray tans and hair extensions. Finally, I have found a fragrance worthy of my beloved Jersey Shore cast: United Scents of America New Jersey.

Remember when Miss Dior Cherie claimed to have a “caramelized popcorn” note? USA NJ calls Dior’s bluff by actually smelling distinctly of kettle corn. This salty, buttery note sets New Jersey apart from other fragrances on the market. This is exactly the kind of sweet, fun scent that Snooki or J-Woww (maybe just J-Woww, since Snooki is now contractually obligated to wear her own scent) would spray on before they hit the boardwalk to ride the ferris wheel or get their creep on at local club Karma’s. USA NJ is truly evocative of Seaside Heights at night: the excitement, the carnival food, the fluorescent lights of the roller coasters and arcades against the black waves of the beach.

United Scents of America is a new perfume house that offered to send me samples of their fragrances. They did not ask for their scents to be reviewed, and I have not been compensated for this review. Based on how accurately their New Jersey scent captured the Jersey Shore nightlife, I am looking forward to trying the rest of their line.

14 thoughts on “United Scents of America New Jersey

  1. I haven’t seen Jersey Shore, so I’ll trust you on this one 🙂 the perfume sounds kind of awful, but I’ll be interested to hear more about the line!

    1. Ha! I actually found the perfume enjoyable (hence the 3 star rating that I initially forgot to add!) It’s best not to start with Jersey Shore if you’ve already managed to avoid it up till now. It is not considered to be a very… intellectual show. 😛

  2. Ari, I’m assuming from the tone of what you’ve written here that at least you have spent some time at the Shore…and you maybe even liked it, yes? (Loaded question: I ask because this is my home, and it is sincerely refreshing to hear from someone who isn’t talking smack about us.)

    1. Meg, I would never talk smack about anyone’s home! I have visited Jersey a few times, to see friends, and I had a great time in a beautiful town. So the Shore is the beach about which you wrote in your post today??

      1. Yes– I’ve lived here almost all my life, moving away numerous times only to be pulled back by my deep love for this place. People take cheap shots at us as an easy road to seeming sophisticated (hell, even friends of mine who grew up here with me pretend this was never their home, which hurts). I feel really grateful that you spoke of the Shore so affectionately in your review. And the fact that you used the adjective “beautiful” when describing one of our towns– bless you, sister!

        1. I know exactly how you feel. I attend Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. I’ve always lived here, but more than 80% of our students are out of state. They call Baltimore ghetto, sketchy, scary, etc. In reality, Baltimore has so much history, extremely friendly residents, and my very favorite aquarium! I do not like snobbery in any form, and snarky comments about others’ hometowns strikes me as more rude than sophisticated.

  3. Have you SEEN that commercial for Snooki’s perfume? I thought it was hilarious… (“Snoooookiiiiiiiii…..”) Of course, I remember those old Obsession ads on tv.

    I admit I saw about five minutes worth of Jersey Shore once.

    Buttered popcorn actually sounds pretty nice, if they don’t muck it up with strawberry-patchouli. What else is in there?

    1. No, I haven’t seen the commercial! Do you know if it was the actual commercial? Because I know that she also did a “Funny or Die” parody commercial.

      There are no fruity notes to muck this one up! The official notes are “Top Note: fresh buttered popcorn. Heart Note: cotton candy, caramel, coconut. Bottom Note: vanilla extract, peach, patchouli, musk”, but I can only detect the popcorn, caramel and vanilla. Very tasty!

        1. Amazing! “What, you wanna smush or something?” Snooki has been and shall always be my favorite castmate. Unlike some (*cough The Situation cough*) she actually has a damn sense of humor.

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