Lush The Smell of Weather Turning

Lush fragrances were barely on my radar before Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez raved about the line in their Perfumes: The Guide. I was most intrigued by their description of Lush Breath of God, which they declared “a triumph” and awarded one of their rare five-star ratings. I finally tried Breath of God recently, and I found it… strange. Not strange and beautiful; just strange. In my opinion, The Smell of Weather Turning is the Lush perfume that truly deserves the attention and accolades.

The official list of notes are oakwood, hay, beeswax, nettle, English peppermint, mint, Roman chamomile. Here’s what I smell: a nighttime barbecue deep in the forest. The Smell of Weather Turning opens with smoke and bracing peppermint. You don’t smell the mint so much as feel the cooling effect. Then it becomes tree sap, green and spicy. The chamomile note adds a beautiful clarity to the drydown. For those worried by the name, I promise that there is not a hint of aquatic notes in The Smell of Weather Turning. The Smell of Weather Turning is exactly what I had hoped to find in Breath of God: both strange and beautiful. It’s the perfect perfume to add a little wonder to life when everything begins to feel a little too routine and ordinary.

18 thoughts on “Lush The Smell of Weather Turning

  1. Lush perfumes and I apparently don’t get along (just tried my way through the range this past week), but I love the way you describe this! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you, Dee! Most of them did not exactly work for me, either (I would only personally wear about 3 out of the 8 scents in the sample pack), but none of them were generic or trivial, and I feel that makes them worthy of attention.

  2. Yes, I agree that this is a lovely review, but sadly this one wasn’t for me either. Lush scents are all edgy and out there as you say, but my taste leans more to the conservative and “in here”, I guess. Let me know your faves and if I have any of those you are welcome to them!

    1. Vanessa,

      I agree with you about that ‘edgy’ quality in every Gorilla Perfume I know -right name, they’re absolute fierce!-

      I just knew three (Lust, Karma and TucaTuca) but recently I tried Vanillari, which it’s definitely a way more quiet, subtle and tasty one. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. This is one of the unsniffed items! I must to seek it out… and Breath of God too.
    I think until now they’ve not been available here, but finally I’m seeing them in the spanish web too. So let’s see next time. Il’ll pay attention to all of them .

    It’s a pity I’m not going to the city again in almost fifteen days… I’d like to comment while you’re reviewing each one ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. Vanessa, my favorite is one that you, as a “vanilla ho”, would probably enjoy too: their Vanillary! It is a very tasty caramelized vanilla (GeM is currently singing its praises on the “Lush Week 2012” post.

      1. To me it’s an affordable version of the Lauder’s tuberose-gardenia! Not in the beginning, but it ends pretty similar: ‘Coconutty vanilla’ is the key

  5. Did you try the solid perfume or the liquid version? I can only find the solid online, but I saw that several other fragrances are both in the solid and liquid. What would you say are the note differences between solid and liquid versions of the same fragrance? I’m hoping to scope out Denver’s Lush soon, thanks to you! Keep up the amazing work on the blog.

    1. I’m sorry, Jenn, I can’t comment on the difference between them- I have only tried the liquid version, which was a sample in their new sample pack. The Lush solids in general seem to be more toned-down versions of the liquid formulation (which can be a good thing, for some of their scents!) Thank you so much for your kind words, and please report back to us on your first Lush experience!

  6. This sounds so interesting, and I love the name. My mom and I always commented about the smell before it rains, and my dad could not smell it. It’s just a change in the atmosphere. If I can ever get to a Lush store I will try all of their scents.

    1. What a cool ability! I sometimes notice a change in the air’s smell right before a snowstorm. Unfortunately, the name in this case is deceiving- it doesn’t smell anything like weather! I’ve heard that Demeter Thunderstorm is eerily accurate, though.

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