More Info on The Top 20 Project!

I am surprised and excited (BUT MOSTLY EXCITED) to see how many people have expressed interest in the Top 20 project! I have gotten a few questions on it, so I wanted to try to answer them all in one post.

What does this project involve?

We will be reviewing the top 20 best-selling mainstream perfumes in the U.S. (as reported by Bois de Jasmin).

What is the point of this project?

I am interested in identifying what makes these perfumes so successful. For this reason, my reviews will include the opinions of my college-age boyfriend and peers. YOURS DO NOT HAVE TO. Do whatever you want in your own reviews!

Can I participate in this project?

Absolutely everyone is invited to participate. Except for Woody Allen. I hate that guy.

What do I have to do?

There are no schedules, no coordination, and no time limit. Review these fragrances in whatever order and at whatever pace you would like. If you have your own perfume blog on which to post your reviews, I will provide links to your posts. If you do not have your own perfume blog, please email me your reviews at and I will post them here for you (and credit them to you, of course!)

What if I do not have a sample of/do not want to review some of the perfumes?

That is completely and totally okay. You absolutely do not have to review all 20 perfumes. Review whichever ones you want! Perfume blogging should be fun!

Why can’t Woody Allen participate?

Because he is a shmuck.

14 thoughts on “More Info on The Top 20 Project!

      1. I must say this two comments were written with sincere intention to be funny.

        (Although today I’m turning into a super sensitive Hulk with the Woddy affair… haha!)

  1. Woody Allen is a schmuck. Please don’t tell my mother that I know what that word means (one of my bestest buddies in college was a nice Jewish guy from Rye Brook, NY, who was kind enough to share some Yiddish slang with me).

  2. I made the mistake of watching Midnight In Paris the other night, and I don’t remember half of it, despite the all star cast.

    1. It was the modern-day parts you can’t remember, right? I grudgingly grant that the 1920’s scenes were very well done, but the modern-day scenes were just a typical rom-com.

  3. Another question! Is each blogger to choose a different fragrance till they are all gone, like Janis Ian and her “choosing sides for basketball”, or are duplicates allowed?

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